White Castle’s Limited-time 3 for $3 Value Deal

White Castle’s new “Threedom to Choose” gives Cravers the opportunity to mix and match their own value deal.

White Castle is giving fans even more power to pick their Crave with the new 3 for $3 value deal. With “Threedom to Choose,” customers can now mix and match any three sliders out of five tasty varieties for only $3 at restaurants across the country. White Castle also announced the return of the Seafood Crab Cake Slider and Shrimp Nibblers®, available at most White Castle restaurants for a limited time beginning February 25, 2019.

White Castle’s bold new 3 for $3 value deal gives customers the “Threedom to Choose” any three sliders out of five hot and steamy options for just $3. Customers will have their choice from the Seafood Crab Cake Slider, the Bacon Cheese Slider, the Sausage, Egg and Cheese Waffle Slider, the Fish Slider or the Chicken Ring Slider. The new “Threedom to Choose” deal is available for a limited time and provides customers with the chance to customize their value deal and achieve even more Crave-quenching potential for less. Like all of White Castle’s menu items, these sliders are available for Cravers anywhere, anytime at restaurants across the country.

The Seafood Crab Cake Slider and Shrimp Nibblers have once again landed on White Castle’s menu, just in time for the Lenten season. The Seafood Crab Cake Slider is topped with a zesty creole sauce and served on White Castle’s signature bun. The Craver-favorite Shrimp Nibblers feature mouthwatering butterfly shrimp, cooked to perfection and served with the customer’s choice of cocktail, ranch, tartar or zesty zing dipping sauces. The limited-time seafood catch adds to an everyday lineup that includes Fish Sliders and Fish Nibblers®, both made with wild Alaska pollock. Clam Strips are also available in select regions.

“We pride ourselves in offering a variety of slider options for all taste buds and the return of the limited-time Seafood Crab Cake Slider and Shrimp Nibblers is sure to make waves with fans of all ages,” Richardson said.

White Castle is also continuing a bold mobile offer just in time for the basketball madness: customers can get a Super Sack of 20 Original Sliders® for just $10 when they order online or through the White Castle app.

Visit whitecastle.com for more information about White Castle’s newest menu items.