America’s Most Expensive Zip Codes By State

A new study finds the cost of living in the most expensive zip codes of every state.

Personal finance website GOBankingRates used data from Zillow to survey median home values and mortgage payments, as well as cost of living expenses such as groceries, transportation, utilities and healthcare for zip codes in 48 states and the District of Columbia. To find the total amount of money needed to live comfortably in each zip code, the study split the costs using the following metrics: necessities (50 percent), discretionary income (30 percent) and savings (20 percent).

For full study results and more details on methodology, visit: What It Costs to Live in America’s Most Expensive Zip Codes

Top 5 Most Expensive Zip Codes

  1. Atherton, California: 94027
    Total Income Needed: $668,078
  2. Water Mill, New York: 11976
    Total Income Needed: $438,510
  3. Alpine, New Jersey: 7620
    Total Income Needed: $330,756
  4. Medina, Washington: 98039
    Total Income Needed: $297,905
  5. Greenwich, Connecticut: 6830
    Total Income Needed: $222,002

Additional Study Insights

  • Honolulu, Hawaii (96821) sits at #6 on the list of most expensive zip codes across the country, with a total income of $202,798 needed to live comfortably there. This city also has utility, transportation and grocery costs that top the charts.
  • Of the most expensive ZIP codes in every state, the 25314 ZIP code in Charleston, West Virginia is the lowest, with a total income needed of just $61,100.
  • South Dakota and Maine have been excluded from the list due to lack of data (for example, only two ZIP codes exist in Maine).