Best Cities to Score Your Dream Job

Civil engineer and computer systems analyst are among the jobs expected to see an above-average rate of employment in 2018, found a new study by personal finance website GOBankingRates.

For those looking for employment in these fields, GOBankingRates found that Los Angeles has the most job openings and offers the highest salaries of any U.S. city.

To identify the top three cities for the best jobs in the nation, GOBankingRates looked at U.S. News & World Report’s list of “Best Jobs of 2017” and found the positions in each industry with at least 10,000 projected new openings over the next decade. GOBankingRates then looked at job listings on ZipRecruiter to determine which cities had the highest average salaries for each job, and of the top three cities, which had the most available job openings.

For more details on methodology and to view the full list of jobs, please visit: Best Cities to Score Your Dream Job

Best Cities for the Top Positions of 2017*

Civil Engineer

  • No. 1 City: Los Angeles, $80,500
  • No. 2 City: Chicago, $76,500
  • No. 3 City: Houston, $76,000

Computer Systems Analyst

  • No. 1 City: Los Angeles, $85,000
  • No. 2 City: Fort Meade, Md., $83,500
  • No. 3 City: Phoenix, $76,500


  • No. 1 City: Dallas, $127,000
  • No. 2 City: Houston, $117,500
  • No. 3 City: Miami, $115,500

Elementary School Teacher

  • No. 1 City: San Diego, $44,000
  • No. 2 City: Atlanta, $42,000
  • No. 3 City: Philadelphia, $40,500

Financial Adviser

  • No. 1 City: Jacksonville, Fla., $78,500
  • No. 2 City: Cleveland, $75,500
  • No. 3 City: Hartford, Conn., $73,500

*Positions are listed alphabetically and do not indicate ranking.

Additional Insights

  • Dallas is the top city to look for work as a dentist. The city has the highest median dentist salary and the most job openings among the top-paying cities.
  • Interpreters and translators rank highly on U.S. News & World Report’s list of “Best Creative & Media Jobs” because of the work-life balance the position offers. New York has the greatest number of translator jobs among the cities with the highest earning potential for the position.
  • Chicago has the most available sales manager jobs out of the cities that pay the highest for the role. Chicago is also one of the U.S. cities where incomes are growing the fastestaccording to a separate GOBankingRates study.