Reveals the Most Popular Destinations for First-Time Travel

Everyone remembers the first time they traveled and the adventures they had. Whether it’s your first adventure or you’re visiting an exciting destination for the first time, trying and exploring someplace new is always exciting., the global leader in connecting travelers with the widest selection of awesome places to stay, has conducted global research* which reveals the ten most popular destinations that people travel to for their first time. Over 15,000 travelers were polled from markets all over the world, but it’s Europe that has come out on top – with nine out of ten destinations. Each location offers a variety of dynamic city experiences with something for everyone to explore and enjoy, whatever your preferences or needs.

#1 – Paris, France

#2 – Barcelona, Spain

#3 – London, United Kingdom

#4 – Vienna, Austria

#5 – Malaga, Spain

#6 – Venice, Italy

#7 – Rome, Italy

#8 – Sydney, Australia

#9 – Zurich, Switzerland

#10 – Berlin, Germany

*Research was conducted by from 1/11/17 – 1/30/17, surveying 15,077 travelers across 20 markets worldwide