Christmas In July? Shoppers’ Guide To When To Snag Holiday Flight Deals

If booking winter holiday travel isn’t on your summer to-do list, perhaps it should be. That’s because we are entering the sweet spot for finding the lowest airfare to our favorite holiday destinations. The travel experts at, the leader in finding and publishing online travel deals, have looked at the data and discovered that the window for booking affordable holiday flights is now open and runs until mid-September. We’ve run the numbers and have created a guide to when, on average, to find the best fares to the 20 most popular destinations for Christmas week.

It may be July, but winter is coming. With winter comes the busy (and costly) holiday travel season. But it doesn’t have to be that way. took a look at the 20 most-searched destinations by those looking to jet off during the final week of the year and calculated when, on average, to look for the cheapest flights. The findings are laid out in our Guide to when to book the most popular flights for Christmas week. (PRNewsfoto/

For those who already know where they want to be for the holidays, Cheapflights’ Guide to when to book the most popular flights for Christmas week serves up valuable insider information about the optimal time to find the best fares. The guide also offers some insights into where Americans head during the holidays and can help those who are more flexible with tips on saving and guidance for timing on a mix of possible destinations.

This week, savvy travelers should be looking to book year-end travel to the ever-popular Las Vegas, while the week of July 16 (23 weeks before the holidays) is prime time for finding deals on holiday flights to Atlanta and Denver. For Christmastime in Mexico City and Guadalajara, look to buy in the last two weeks of July, while flights to Florida’s top spots are best booked in the week of September 17 (14 weeks ahead of the holidays), with the exception of Orlando, which should be booked the week of August 6.

For those planning a winter holiday break, here’s when our data* shows that you’ll find the best airfares, on average, for Christmas week to the 10 most popular destinations:

Week of July 2 (25 weeks before Christmas)

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

Week of July 16 (23 weeks before Christmas)

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Mexico City, Mexico

Week of August 6 (20 weeks before Christmas)

  • Orlando, Florida

Week of August 13 (19 weeks before Christmas)

  • Dallas, Texas

Week of August 27 (17 weeks before Christmas)

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

Week of September 3 (16 weeks before Christmas)

  • Los Angeles, California

Week of September 17 (14 weeks before Christmas)

  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Miami, Florida

Week of September 24 (13 weeks before Christmas)

  • New York, New York

For more details on planning travel for less to the top 20 holiday hotspots, check out The holidays are coming: A guide to when to book the most popular flights for Christmas week at

* This data is based on averages from departure points across the U.S. and is intended as a guideline only.