The Dreamcade Replay Plays Your Favorite Games From Any Classic Console

Dream Arcades, a leader in retro video gaming technology, today announced the CART (Cartridge Analysis & Recognition Tool) application. An exciting new tool for the upcoming Dreamcade Replay, the Universal Retro Game Console. In addition, they are lowering the price on the Replay to just $99.

Gamers everywhere will soon be digging out old videogame cartridges from closets and basements thanks to Dream Arcade’s new application that takes a snapshot of console cartridges and adds them to the Dreamcade Replay system.

“The Replay is the ultimate tool for keeping track of all your favorite games,” says Michael Ware, Head Geek of Dream Arcades. “And our new CART app comes free with every Replay.”

The CART application can recognize cartridges from many classic console systems including: Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super NES, and Nintendo 64 with more to follow.

The Dreamcade Replay automatically recognizes newly downloaded games, and adds them to its user-friendly menu. The Replay can even recognize games purchased from sites like Steam and Good Old Gamer.

With its $99 price-point, the Replay is a serious challenger to the NES Classic which only plays a limited selection of games from a single console. Not only will the Replay come pre-loaded with over 100 retro games, but unlike the NES Classic, it also uses wireless controllers (supporting any PC or Xbox gamepad). Because it’s Windows 10 based, the Replay does more than just play games: It’s an MP3 player, 4k movie player; the Replay can even run apps from Google’s Web Store.

Pre-orders for the Dreamcade Replay will begin soon.