Eagle Klaw floor mat clips stop car mats from sliding

One of the most bothersome and overlooked problems car owners have are out of place floor mats. Eagle Klaw Company, Inc. announces an end to the dangers and annoyances of floor mats that won’t stay put. Eagle Klaw fasteners for floor mats have a grip that won’t slip.

Eagle Klaw floor mat clips can be used with original (OEM), all-weather or aftermarket floor mats such as Weathertech; with or without pre-installed grommets. (PRNewsfoto/Eagle Klaw Company, Inc.)

While some automakers do a good job of keeping their mats secure, people still experience the annoyance of car mats that slip underfoot or ripple or bunch up, disrupting leg room. Worse, major safety recalls, prompted by unintended acceleration due to a driver’s-side floor mat creeping into the pedals; the result of that is danger, sometimes deadly.

Eagle Klaw Company, Inc. now offers 3 colors of its cleverly inventive and effective Eagle Klaw fastener for floor mats in cars, vans or trucks. With a choice of black, beige or gray finishes, a driver can equip his or her vehicle with an Eagle Klaw that will complement rather than clash with a car’s interior décor.

Patented, multi-point tension mounted and minimally intrusive, Eagle Klaw holds the car floor as tenaciously as might an eagle’s claw.

Unlike pin, hook or tape solutions, Eagle Klaw retainers fasten through the floor mat and, underneath, present 5 barbed “talon” spikes; installation completes with the stomp of a heel on the top cap driving those talons into the carpet flooring.

It takes 2 Eagle Klaw anchors to fasten a mat, so the product is packaged in pairs, starts at $7.49 and is available at Amazon.

“Much like the way lug nuts stop a car’s wheels from falling off, Eagle Klaw anchors create a grip that won’t slip using some of the same principles of physics that helps keep mountain climbers from falling,” says Eagle Klaw President Alex Kantarovich.

Kantarovich is the inventor of Eagle Klaw, inspired by floor mat problems in two European luxury sedans he drove and by the story of a fatal crash triggered by a Lexus floor mat jamming the gas pedal. His priorities made it easy to install, economical to buy and relentlessly reliable. At his insistence, it’s made in the U.S.A., comes with a limited lifetime warranty and backs that with a 30-day money-back guarantee.