EZVIZ Home Security Cameras Add Amazon Alexa Integration

EZVIZ Inc., a leading provider of smart home video technology and cloud services, today announced that its Wi-Fi and Wire-Free smart home video product lines will be directly integrated with Alexa, and compatible with Amazon Echo Show. EZVIZ is one of the first Alexa integrations featured along with the release of the Echo Show.

Users of Echo Show can control and view their EZVIZ cameras, including the Mini Plus, Mini 360 Plus, Husky and Mini Trooper, through Alexa voice control. This means that a voice request can trigger an Alexa-enabled device to directly display video.  All EZVIZ customers need to do is simply say, “Alexa, show me the camera in the living room,” and the feed from an Internet-connected camera will send the video to the Echo Show.

Amazon Alexa is on the forefront of the voice technology revolution and is widely used in smart homes across the country. With EZVIZ’s high quality video, consumers can combine best-in-class smart home security video with voice integration to easily manage their smart home.

“We are excited to deliver the best value and user experience to our customers by merging video and voice control in the smart home,” said Albert Lin, general manager, EZVIZ. “The Alexa integration offers yet another level of value to EZVIZ customers, all they have to do is ask Alexa to show them a room and they immediately have visual access. How easy is that?”


The new Amazon Alexa Skill Set integration for EZVIZ smart home and surveillance cameras is available now through Amazon.