Gourmia Introduces World’s First Smart Air Fryers with Camera Connected to Mobile App

Gourmia™, a designer and manufacturer of innovative countertop kitchen appliances, is again at the forefront of a smart kitchen-appliance revolution. To its growing list of IoT (Internet of Things) features – which already includes single app control of multiple appliances, Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration, and IoT security and safety – it now adds a built-in camera. Its first two products with this amazing built-in Cook Cam are its FryHigh Auto Rotisserie Multi-Fryer and Free Fry 360 Degree Turbo XP Air Fryer with Wi-Fi. Both are the first such products in the world to feature a smart camera.

“Gourmia is not only redefining the small kitchen-appliance market, we are now defining the smart kitchen market,” asserted Gourmia founder Heshy Biegeleisen. “During 2017, we intend to enable over 100 sku’s with IoT, all of which can be controlled with just one app. The addition of the built-in Cook Cam in our IoT product line is a major introduction. Gourmia is proud to be leading the way in bringing smart kitchens into the home.”

Gourmia Cook Cam
Whether it’s an elegant presentation at a gourmet restaurant or waffles in the shape of a cartoon character, people today are fascinated with taking – and sharing – photos of their meals. Now, the Gourmia Cook Cam lets them take pictures and videos of their meal as it cooks. Then, through the Gourmia mobile app, they can be transferred on-line.

To aid novice or nervous cooks, Gourmia has uploaded a set of reference pictures of actual chefs preparing the same meal. These photos include time stamping, so an at-home cook, at any time during the cooking process, can compare the appearance of what they are cooking to how it should appear. If the photos don’t match, the cook can use the controlling app to easily adjust the cooking program per the time-stamp recommendations.

Gourmia Cook Cam Products

•FryHigh Auto Rotisserie Multi-Fryer (GWMF2650)
With a powerful halogen surround heating system, this unbelievably convenient and innovative nine-function multi fryer does the job of both a multi cooker and an air fryer. It’s multi-function properties allow for preparation of all sorts of foods with a vertical rotisserie grill, stir fryer and the ability to bake. It prepares amazingly flavor-packed foods without the heavy fat of typical deep-fried foods. It cooks with a minimal amount of oil, cutting out extra calories. It fries, stir fries, bakes, sautés, grills, and roasts. Adding to its uniqueness is the Gourmia Cook Cam, that lets your capture every second of the cooking process while the Gourmia mobile app allows remote operation for total control over how quickly and efficiently food cooks.
The unit has a transparent lid that allows food to be seen clearly, rack, adjustable temperature settings, an LED timer with sound alerts, and automatic timer shut off. Accessories include rotating rack, chicken roaster, detachable rotating mixer, bowl handle and holder, and a measuring spoon. Dishwasher safe. M.S.R.P.: $149.99

•Free Fry 360-Degree Turbo XP Air Fryer with Wi-Fi (GWAF2850)
Indulge in fried foods without the guilt! Welcome to the new world of air frying. And the Gourmia built-in Cook Cam lets your capture every second of it. The Gourmia mobile app allows remote operation with control of program/temperature/time, and the ability to monitor the appearance of the item being cooked with streaming video from the Cook Cam.
It features state-of-the-art calorie-reduction technology to make meals with optimal taste and crispiness, while eliminating the need to add fats and oil during the cooking process. It makes use of two different scientific heating methods: convection and radiant. The unique design works by continuously circulating hot air to cook food, instead of relying on oil. The results are perfectly crisp exteriors and moist tender interiors, with a reduced cooking time of up to 60%. Cooking healthy meals has never been easier! It comes with a free cookbook and expanded accessory kit, including fry basket, steak/fish cage, kebab rack, and more. M.S.R.P.: $179.99

ETL Listed
Gourmia takes the quality of its products very seriously. The company is ETL certified so consumers can be confident that that they are buying safe, efficient, high-quality appliances.

The Gourmia FryHigh Auto Rotisserie Multi-Fryer (GWMF2650) and Free Fry 360 Degree Turbo XP Air Fryer with Wi-Fi (GWAF2850) are available now on Amazon.com. Overnight and free shipping are available. See amazon.com for details.