Announces Special Boutique Accommodations for Beard Lovers®, the lodging accommodation expert, today announced a first of its kind, the launch of special boutique hotel retreats for beard lovers.

The special boutique hotels are designed to be a haven for beard lovers offering custom beard services such as beard trimming, waxing, coloring and styling and even beard-stroking salons for those beard appreciators without their own facial hair.

The first flagship Beard Boutique will be opening in Beardstown, Illinois and will be available to beard lovers at special half-beard and full-beard rates with discounts for members of Rewards® that have downloaded and booked through the award-winning mobile app.

“We’re elated to be working with and the Beard Boutique in this tremendous opportunity to welcome hipster guests from all over the world, but especially Portland, Denver, Brooklyn, and Seattle,” says Harry Shields, CEO of the Beardstown Centre for Out of Town Visitors.

Inspired by their very own bearded brand ambassador, Captain Obvious, has identified a growing trend in the travel market for millennial hipsters who prefer to vacation with like-minded beard lovers, in a property catering to their every need.

“Captain Obvious has been bombarded by so many beard lovers looking for recommendations on where to vacay with other beard-loving buddies, we’ve been stroking our chins to find a way to meet that need and it seemed like an obvious choice to launch the Beard Boutique concept,” said Josh Belkin, VP and General Manager of North America. “The beard, which started out as a hipster fashion accessory, looks like it’s here to stay with reports from statistical experts showing the beard economy is growing at a phenomenal rate.”

Each hotel room has custom beard grooming equipment, extra long mirrors for beard selfies and oversized bottles of beard shampoo and conditioner. Specially designed beard dryers and curling tongs are also available on request. The property offers free breakfast and dinner, with designer beard bibs available for guests wishing to avoid getting food in their bristles.

If guests have less of a beard commitment and only sport goatees or moustaches, the property offers special half day and hourly rates for grooming. Those with soul patches will be encouraged to grow something not from the ’90s.

Anticipating overwhelming demand for its first Beard Boutique, has begun scouring beard-friendly Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for a second location.

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