Indie Game Prize Winners Announced At Casual Connect USA 2018

Casual Connect USA 2018 has concluded – and with it, over three days of lectures, workshops, networking, and parties. The conference brought out hundreds of professionals from all walks of the games industry – including console, mobile, PC, casino, VR/AR, and online – providing them with opportunities to connect, learn new skills, and gain valuable insights on a range of topics.

Indie Prize Winners

Sixty developer teams vyed for 10 trophies during the 21st Indie Prize Awards at Casual Connect USA 2018. “It is always a pleasure to watch how excited developers are about showcasing and networking – as well as seeing the energy and inspiration that comes from new connections that are made during the conference,” said Indie Prize Director Yuliya Moshkaryova.

ZPLAY Ads was the platinum sponsor for Indie Prize USA – and provided $10,000 in UA via playable ads to the Most Innovative Game winner and a mobile phone to the Best In Show winner. Additional prizes were provided by silver sponsor DeepMotion – as well as Amazon Appstore, NVIDIA, OMUK, Inlingo, Photon, Intel, Tenjin, and Appodeal.

Indie Prize USA 2018 winners and nominees.

Winners and nominees include:

  • Best Game Audio
    • WINNER: Floor Kids (MERJ Media, Canada)
    • Stack & Crack (Jambav, India)
    • Orbit – Playing With Gravity (HIGHKEY Games, USA)
    • Rumble League (Lorraine Studio, USA)
  • Best Game Design
    • WINNER: Molecats (Vidroid, Ukraine)
    • SIMULACRA (Kaigan Games, Malaysia)
    • AntVentor (LoopyMood, Ukraine)
    • The Raven and Orion (Always Player 2 Studios, USA)
  • Best Game Art
    • WINNER: AntVentor (LoopyMood, Ukraine)
    • Past Cure (Phantom 8 Studio, Germany)
    • Brave Hand (Heart Shaped Games, USA)
    • Molecats (Vidroid, Ukraine)
  • Best Game Animation
    • WINNER: Bushy Tail (Fuero Games, Poland)
    • Floor Kids (MERJ Media, Canada)
    • Zebrainy ABCs (Zebrainy, Malta)
    • World Creator! (Lionbird Limited, Hong Kong)
  • Best Game Narrative
    • WINNER: Bushy Tail (Fuero Games, Poland)
    • SIMULACRA (Kaigan Games, Malaysia)
    • Past Cure (Phantom 8 Studio, Germany)
    • Skye (Puny Astronaut, Scotland)
  • Best Multiplayer Game
    • WINNER: King of the Hat (Hyroglyphik Games, Canada)
    • Massive Warfare: Rush (TinyBytes, Chile)
    • Kluno: Hero Battle (Gameka, Malaysia)
    • Imposter Drawster (Up at Night, USA)
  • Best Kids & Family Game
    • WINNER: Zebrainy ABCs (Zebrainy, Malta)
    • Pets Race (Kooapps, USA)
    • Drawing for Kids (Bini Bambini, Ukraine)
    • Skye (Puny Astronaut, Scotland)
  • Best Mobile Game
    • WINNER: SIMULACRA (Kaigan Games, Malaysia)
    • Corecraft (Retro Principles, Malta)
    • Warhammer: Doomwheel (Katsu Entertainment, USA)
    • Grapple Gum (Ali Mehrez, Tunisia)
  • Most Innovative Game
    • WINNER: Molecats (Vidroid, Ukraine)
    • SIMULACRA (Kaigan Games, Malaysia)
    • Floor Kids (MERJ Media, Canada)
    • Vocaline (Flatgames, Turkey)
  • Best In Show: Audience Choice
    • AlphaBeatCancer (Mukutu Game Studio, Brazil)