Lindt Celebrates The 65th Birthday Of Iconic Lindt GOLD BUNNY This Easter Season

This Easter season, premium chocolatier Lindt USA is celebrating the 65th birthday of Lindt GOLD BUNNY. Lovingly dressed in gold foil with a red ribbon, this worldwide symbol of Easter has been adored by people of all ages since 1952 when it was first masterfully created by Lindt Master Chocolatiers. The arrival of Lindt GOLD BUNNY is the most charming cue that signifies Easter is near. To help families prepare for the holiday, Lindt tapped Joy Cho, founder and creative director of the popular blog, to design exclusive Easter basket ideas that feature the iconic, premium chocolate bunny.

No Bunny Tastes Better
Chocolate is an essential part of Easter traditions. Families look to fill their celebrations and baskets with premium chocolate to create cherished memories. Lindt GOLD BUNNY elevates an Easter celebration, as it is made with the finest ingredients for a delightfully smooth finish that looks beautiful and tastes delicious. The beloved recipe was created by Lindt Master Chocolatiers, whose unrivaled craftsmanship, dedication and passion produce the best tasting, most sophisticated chocolate creations. Lindt GOLD BUNNY has been the #1 selling chocolate bunny in the U.S.1 for seven consecutive years, and in its 65th year, the GOLD BUNNY collection continues to grow, offering many premium chocolate varieties and presentations to enhance festivities.

•Lindt GOLD BUNNY (3.5 oz) is available in Milk, Dark and White Chocolate at retailers nationwide, Lindt Chocolate Shops and on SRP: $3.99.

•Lindt GOLD BUNNY (7 oz) is available in Milk Chocolate at retailers nationwide, Lindt Chocolate Shops and on SRP: $7.49.

•Lindt GOLD BUNNY Mini 5-Pack features five Milk Chocolate GOLD BUNNY figures (1.7 oz) and is available at retailers nationwide, Lindt Chocolate Shops and on SRP: $3.99.

•Lindt GOLD BUNNY Basket is ready-to-gift with a pair of Milk Chocolate GOLD BUNNY figures (1.7 oz each) inside a springtime display. Available at retailers nationwide and Lindt Chocolate Shops. SRP: $7.49.

“Lindt GOLD BUNNY has made Easter celebrations special since first opening its eyes to the chocolate world 65 years ago,” said Lindt Master Chocolatier Ann Czaja. “As we celebrate the icon’s birthday, it’s remarkable to see that Lindt GOLD BUNNY is still the ultimate chocolate experience of the holiday and a joyful tradition for families.”

Creative Easter Basket Ideas
The playful Lindt GOLD BUNNY is the perfect centerpiece to decorate any Easter basket and bring happiness to children. This season, designer Joy Cho of crafted three enchanting baskets that can be replicated at home for a fun DIY project. Below are her ideas, all inspired by Lindt GOLD BUNNY in celebration of the figure’s milestone birthday. Visit for visuals and a list of supplies needed, and browse Oh Joy’s Easter Pinterest board for more Easter creativity such as tablescape ideas and recipes.

•Baskets for Kids
“One of the most exciting parts of the holiday for kids is waking up to discover treats in their baskets. This year, incorporate surprises they will love, whether it’s a few crayons or even a pair of cute sunglasses. Top it off with a delicious chocolate centerpiece–the iconic Lindt GOLD BUNNY.”

•Baskets for Close Friends
“Creating a basket for a friend might not be the first thing that comes to mind when making your Easter to-do list, but it’s a great way to show them how much they mean to you. To make it unique, use a gold wire basket lined with a vintage scarf (both are items they can use again) and add colorful accessories like bracelets and desk items. These are practical gifts that will get them excited for spring.”

•Mini Baskets for Teachers, Co-Workers or Classmates
“Mini baskets are ideal any time you need to make a lot of small gifts at once. Get creative and use petite clear containers, filling with shiny shred to catch the eye. Search for tiny chocolates at the store that will fit inside, like the Lindt GOLD BUNNY Mini 5-Pack. This idea is easy to customize for all ages based on how you decorate.”

More Chocolates from the Lindt Easter Collection
Premium Lindt chocolates are adorable accompaniments for favorite Easter traditions, whether filling baskets, hosting egg hunts, decorating tablescapes or baking recipes. In addition to Lindt GOLD BUNNY, the 2017 Lindt Easter collection features signature products that will sweeten everyone’s celebrations and leave a lasting impression. Below are select chocolates from this year’s assortment.

•Delight in a variety of egg-cellent creations such as LINDOR Egg Pouches (4.4 oz) featuring irresistibly smooth melting eggs that come in Milk Chocolate, Assorted (Milk, Dark and White Chocolate) and Coconut, available at retailers nationwide and Lindt Chocolate Shops. SRP: $3.99.

•For smaller indulgences and bite-sized fun, friends of Lindt GOLD BUNNY are available in packages of five mini hollow figures including Lindt Mini Chicks and Lindt Mini Lambs. Use these colorful novelty figures for a cute final touch in baskets and on table-tops. Available at retailers nationwide, Lindt Chocolate Shops and on SRP: $3.99.

•Hazelnut fans will love the Lindt Bugs and Bees 5-Pack and newly available Lindt Mini Frogs 5-Pack. They are individually foil-wrapped for scattering among gifts, made with premium Milk Chocolate and a hazelnut chocolate filling. Additionally, Lindt Chocolate Carrots come in a box of four solid Milk Chocolate carrots blended with rich hazelnut. Available at retailers nationwide, Lindt Chocolate Shops and SRP: $3.99.