Maclocks First to Announce New iPad Lock and Security Case

Maclocks today announced a range of compatible security solutions for Apple’s newest tablet, simply named, iPad, most significant being their “World’s Best iPad Lock”. It is a hardened polymer lockable iPad case with a rotating kickstand for hands-free use when paired with a wireless keyboard or binge watching Netflix. Since the iPad lacks any physical security, one is included with the case making it the ultimate security solution for any iPad setting.

The new iPad is more affordable than its predecessors so it is expected to be in high demand, especially among businesses, consumers and students looking for a reasonably priced tablet. Apple has confirmed that the new iPad’s display does not have an anti-reflective coating and is not laminated to the cover glass, so Maclocks’ iPad Security Case is indispensable much in part to its protective screen cover.

The two most important factors for the New iPad Lock and Security Case design are to keep the iPad portable and secure, and Maclocks delivers on both. The case is lightweight and adds minimal bulk to the device which makes it extremely convenient to those using the iPad on the go. Since Maclocks are security experts, there is no doubt this is the best option to keep the tablet safe from potential theft. Thanks to the built-in security slot, the user can lock the security cable to the case, and loop the cable’s other end around a fixed object (like a table). Once the case and cable are locked together, thieves can’t detach the case.

For those who will be displaying the iPad as an interactive kiosk, it is recommended to upgrade to the more robust iPad Security Case Rotating Stand Bundle.

All Maclocks iPad Air 1 enclosures will accommodate the New iPad.