Natural Grocers introduces new grass fed beef provider in all 144 stores

Natural Grocers introduced Thousand Hills’ Lifetime Grazed beef in all of its grocery stores across 19 states. Natural Grocers has unparalleled food standards for eggs, dairy, produce, dietary supplements and meat, and selected Thousand Hills because of its exceptional quality, humane-handling standards and because the cattle are raised on independent, family-owned U.S. farms.

Natural Grocers maintains the highest meat standards in the national grocery industry, which at a minimum for all unprocessed, fresh and frozen meat, includes human raising requirements, no hormones, no growth promoting drugs, no use of antibiotics, no animal by-products and non-genetically modified feed is always preferred.

“People expect animals to be on the land grazing with room to express their natural behaviors, treated humanely and not given antibiotics or drugs to unnaturally accelerate their growth – but that isn’t the norm,” said Heather Isely, Natural Grocers’ Executive Vice President. “We offer meat that matches the quality standards our customers are looking for. The best thing about our standards is that we make this incredible quality affordable, and our customers really appreciate this.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture allows meat to be labeled as 100-percent grass fed even if cattle are confined in feed lots and fed distillers’ grains, GMO alfalfa and antibiotics.1 Natural Grocers provides full transparency of its products, which is why they work to maintain the highest standards in the national grocery industry.

“Unfortunately, The USDA’s standards do not match up with what consumers want and expect when they see 100 percent grass fed on the label. “Our customers tell us they expect the animals to be out on pasture, grazing their entire lives, no antibiotics, no hormones, no growth promoters and no GMOs,” added Isely. “We want our customers to be confident that the grass fed beef they are serving their families is truly grass fed and matches their expectations.”

Learn more about Natural Grocers’ decision to introduce Thousand Hills meat to its customers and what makes grass fed beef better.

Thousand Hills’ cattle are raised on American ranches throughout the Midwest and Great Plains and are 100 percent grass fed and lifetime grazed. The protocol for raising these cattle does not allow the feeding of grains, any grain byproducts, GMOs or the use of antibiotics, growth promoters or artificial hormones. Additionally, animals are not kept in feedlots or confinement, but rather they are grazed on the land.

“At Thousand Hills we focus on one mission: nourishing soil, plants, cattle and people by holistically grazing cattle for their lifetime,” said Matt Maier Chief Grass Farmer and Owner of Thousand Hills. “There are many compromises and shortcuts that can be taken with grass fed beef, but we don’t believe in shortcuts and do strongly believe that keeping cattle grazing on the land benefits the cattle, soil, grasslands, environment and the final nutrient-dense product we enjoy.”

Natural Grocers offers 100-percent organic produce, conscientiously-raised meats (with no antibiotics and no growth promotors ever), 100-percent free-range eggs, 100-percent pasture-based dairy, non-GMO prepackaged bulk products, groceries that don’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or hydrogenated oils and more.

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