Outdoor Channel’s Original Series “Hollywood Weapons” Helps Viewers Answer the Question: Can You Really Do That?

How many movie-goers or television aficionados have ever left a theatre or turned off the television set and asked – “I wonder if [name your own favorite movie or television scene] can really be done?” Probably many.

Outdoor Channel original series Hollywood Weapons (debuting April 3, 2017 at 9 p.m. ET) was created to try and answer questions like that by recreating classic scenes from some of the most memorable action, westerns and sci-fi movies of all-time, as well as television dramas. Hollywood Weapons is a new concept show that will engage mainstream audiences, as well as core outdoor lifestyle and adventure enthusiasts. The show always involves action sequences involving firearms or weapons by comparing the actual scene with a real-life test of the firearm or weapon used in the making of the film or television show in the last 60 years.

•Criminal Minds
•The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
•Die Hard
•The Score
•Rambo: First Blood
•Casino Royale
•Star Trek

Hollywood Weapons combines the best of Hollywood action with the science and reality to prove – and in some cases debunk – what you’ve seen on film or television.

“Hollywood Weapons is like Mythbusters on steroids,” said acclaimed actor and show producer Joe Mantegna.

“It’s a scientific show, a film and television-lovers show all combined for a really entertaining experience where you see how things are done behind-the-scenes,” continued show host and former special forces operative Terry Schappert.