Pizza Hut – New System That Will Deliver Pizzas Up To 15 Degrees Hotter

What do space blankets, winter jackets and home insulation have in common? The material from all three are now used to keep a Pizza Hut pizza hotter than ever as part of the pizza company’s all-new oven hot delivery system.

The delivery system features an all-new delivery pouch with 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation thermal technology and a re-engineered pizza box with crisp sheet inserts, which combined dramatically improves the overall heat curve.

Pizza Hut’s “oven hot delivery system,” features an all-new delivery pouch with three layers of insulation similar to those used in winter jackets, space blankets, and in your home. The pouch, a re-engineered pizza box and crisp sheet insert increase pizza temperatures during delivery up to 15 degrees. (PRNewsfoto/Pizza Hut)

Pizza Hut spent more than two years looking at the entire delivery ecosystem, from the box, to the pouch, to delivery dispatch at the restaurant. In addition to a reengineered pizza box and a new crisp sheet, the research sparked the development of an all-new pizza delivery pouch featuring three different thermal insulation materials to help ensure the pizza stays oven hot, the cheese stays melted and the crust stays crisp:

  • The first layer is 3M Thinsulate Insulation– the same technology that is commonly used in ski jackets to keep you warm and dry.
  • The second layer is a PET Aluminum Radiant Barrier, which reflects heat from the pizza…right back into the pizza. It’s the same material that astronauts have in space blankets.
  • The third layer is a polyester fiber padding that traps heat inside, like the pink insulation found in homes.

The new and improved Pizza Hut pizza boxes feature thicker sides to lock in heat and keep the pizza in place throughout the delivery process. Each box includes a patented crisp sheet insert that is designed to keep the pizza elevated, locking in the oven-hot temperature, and keeping the crust crisp and craveable.

The all-new oven hot delivery system is the latest advancement as Pizza Hut takes a laser focus on improving the delivery pizza experience. They have hired nearly half of the 14,000 drivers that expected to by the end of the year and have implemented their proprietary delivery network algorithm, a multi-faceted technology system that drastically improves the accuracy and reliability of Pizza Hut deliveries across all 6,300 U.S. Pizza Hut restaurant locations.

The algorithm is capable of predicting how long a delivery will take and will account for variable factors such as weather, construction, traffic and other irregularities in the delivery pattern to enable safe, accurate deliveries.

To mark the arrival of the new hot delivery system, and with the winter season fashion right around the corner, Pizza Hut has designed a limited-edition “Pizza Parka, which is made from the same materials used in the delivery pouch.

The parka has plenty of pizza-inspired features, including:

  • Heat Lover’s triple-layer insulation with 3M Thinsulate
  • Weather-resistant outer crust
  • Easy order window to allow users to order pizza from the sleeve
  • Marinara splash guard to protect your phone when ordering
  • Napkin gaiter
  • Dual parmesan and red pepper pockets
  • Oven-hot lining
  • Interior pizza pocket
  • Heat sealed seams

Through the end of National Pizza Month (October), customers who place an online pizza order via or the Pizza Hut app will be entered for a chance to have a Pizza Parka delivered along with their pizza. Fans can also tweet the pizza slice and flame emoji to @PizzaHut to enter to win, no purchase necessary.

For more information about the new oven HOT delivery system or the limited-edition Pizza Parkas, visit