Planet SRAM, developed at the wish of Hunter, a then 11-year-old with a severe heart condition

A one-of-a-kind game hit the newly improved and redesigned Apple app store. The game, called Planet SRAM, was developed in 2015 by Bottle Rocket at the wish of Hunter, a then 11-year-old with a severe heart condition, in conjunction with Make-A-Wish®. For the first time since the game’s inception, it is now officially available for public download. Through the efforts of donors and supporters, Make-A-Wish grants life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. After receiving the call to help, Bottle Rocket is proud to have been able to help grant Hunter’s wish of designing and developing his own video game.

“We are extremely grateful for the team at Bottle Rocket,” said Scotty Landry, President & CEO of Make-A-Wish North Texas. “They worked with Hunter to bring his game concept to life, never losing sight of how important his wish experience was and how much it could impact his health and happiness. This was not just another day at the office!”

Hunter and his family were invited to join the Bottle Rocket team in Dallas for an immersive week of whiteboard sketching, feature ideation, and game development that resulted in Hunter’s vision being brought to life on the digital screen. The week began with a brief new employee orientation, complete with a one-week employment “contract” signing, and ended with a bang via a company-wide launch party to show off the work.

“It was his dream come true and everyone at Bottle Rocket really made him feel special,” said Hunter’s mother Erin. “He had always wanted to make video games and this definitely helped him solidify his career goals. He will be attending a magnet school where his focus will be game design.”

On Planet SRAM (Mars spelled backwards), the name of the game is survival. The single-player game is full of “out-of-this-world” characters and monsters like giant tree creatures that shoot snakes from their heads. Everything from concept art to the characters came straight from Hunter’s mind (and a very detailed notebook full of ideas, game levels, and character mock ups). The game leverages touch-based controls to simultaneously navigate and shoot oncoming hordes of enemies. Planet SRAM offers an exciting and action-packed look into the super creative mind of a boy with boundless imagination. Hunter’s wish experience has even served as the foundation and launching pad for his future.

“When we first heard the story of Hunter and his wish, we couldn’t have been more excited and honored to become a part of this journey,” said Calvin Carter, Founder and CEO of Dallas-based Bottle Rocket. “Looking back on our time with Hunter, it is still one of our proudest moments as an organization. The fact that we were able to leverage our craft and passion to help make his wish a reality means the world to us. I’m so excited that the rest of the world can finally see Hunter’s imagination and creativity for themselves.”