Research Finds that More than 70% of Americans Suffer from Stress

In recognition of April’s National Stress Awareness Month, Youfit Health Clubs conducted a survey to reveal America’s stress levels and stress-related habits. The study found that more than 70% of Americans suffer from stress, and of those, more than half deal with stress on a daily or weekly basis.

Stress can be induced by a variety of factors – health concerns, strained relationships, lack of time – but the bulk of America’s stress is due to worrying about work and finances. To seek relief from these stressors, many resort to working out — in fact, nearly 89% of respondents agree that working out is beneficial for stress relief, and 31% report working out to be their preferred method.

“Stress physically breaks down the brain,” said Raphael Konforti, Fitness Education Coordinator, Youfit Health Clubs. “Exercise releases natural hormones, like norepinephrine, that help repair and improve the brain, and also helps stabilize levels of cortisol – a hormone triggered by stress that is linked to many chronic illnesses. During exercise, cortisol levels will temporarily rise but then return back to normal levels post-workout. This makes exercise a great tool for controlling and resetting stress levels.”

Another method of stress relief is meditation. “Exercise is a form of active rhythmical meditation,” continues Konforti. “It releases endorphins to reduce any physical aches brought on by stress and clears your mind so you can forget the stresses of the day and live in the present moment.”