The Travel Angel app – Know Your Airline Travel Rights

The Travel Angel app for Google & Apple devices is Now Available on iTunes and Google Play. The Travel Angel app clearly and easily lays out Federal Aviation Flight Contracts and Terms, that every passenger has a right too. The Travel Angel app includes guidelines on various topics including and not limited to: Overbooking, Airline Security, Delayed and Canceled flights, Rights for Passengers with Disabilities, and Complaining.

The most important aspect of the Travel Angel app is to inform passengers that when they purchase an airline ticket there is then a contract put into place. If the passenger fails to meet their end of the contract, such as a no-show, inability to travel, or loss of ticket, the passenger is penalized by the airline in the form of non-refunding the money spent on the ticket, being placed on a “stand-by” list for the next available flight, or a change fee to alter their travel dates. When the airline fails to live up to their end of the contract such as, delayed flights, giving away paid passengers seats, disruption of passenger travel and vacation plans, not getting the passenger to their final destination at the time promised, the passenger is allowed compensation, legally, from the airline.

Mr. Francis Ellingsworth, Inventor and CEO of the Travel Angel app commented, “Airline travel is becoming very confusing and in some cases violent for travelers. The airlines are bullying paying passengers, threatening their children to be taken away, and injuring paying passengers to be removed from flights.” Ellingsworth continues, “This is absolutely the time where passengers need to stand-up and take their rights back and The Travel Angel app and information provided throughout the app will make this journey and process easier for the passengers so they are fully compensated for the damage or interruptions the airlines have performed.”

The Travel Angel app will be $0.99 to download. The travel Angel app is Now Available on iTunes and Google Play.

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