Travel Bloggers Fall In Love With Lingshui, a Beautiful County in South China

On March 26, 2017 a group of travel bloggers from around the world arrived at Lingshui, a popular tourist destination in Hainan, south China, to discover its charms. These bloggers had all participated in Lingshui Travel’s #ilovelingshui competition organized by Idvert Group Limited, which gave participants the chance to win a free, all-inclusive trip to Lingshui.

Lingshui is an autonomous county situated at the south-east of Hainan Island. These bloggers had never been in Lingshui before, however upon arrival they immediately began to explore one of the most beautiful regions in Hainan with rich natural and cultural resources. They spent one week visiting attractions such as the Boundary Island, the Yetian Ancient Village, the Nanwan Flower Town Lantern Festival and the Monkey Island. They feasted on freshly caught seafood of Dan Jia Fishing Village and learned how to make Lingshui’s famous Sour Noodles.

These bloggers soon realized that Lingshui’s beauty is not just limited to its natural environment and delicious cuisine. The traditional culture of the local ethnic minorities is a major part of life in Lingshui. These bloggers felt very lucky to visit Lingshui at the Li people’s traditional new year festival known locally as San-Yue-San.

San-Yue-San Festival occurs every year on the third day of the third lunar month. This year the celebrations were held at the Li village of Po Cun where visitors were entertained by performances of traditional bamboo dances, songs in the Li language and a delicious banquet of local delicacies.

For one couple the trip was very special as they had never visited China before, but before long they were both amazed and surprised by Lingshui’s beauty. They were especially enchanted by the golden sand and cool clear water at the Perfume Bay. Their love for Lingshui and each other is evident in every photo and they’re already planning their next trip to Lingshui in the near future!