TripAdvisor’s Luxury for Less Travel Guide

TripAdvisor®, wants to help travelers realize their vacation dreams. From Bali to Bora Bora, the TripAdvisor “Luxury for Less Guide” identified 9 of the most lust-worthy destinations and reveals ideal times to visit when smart shoppers can save 20 to 50 percent on hotels.

TripAdvisor asked its global social media community* to name their ultimate dream vacation destination that they thought was out of their price range. Based on those responses, TripAdvisor leveraged its hotel price comparison data from over 200 sites to identify the time periods with the lowest hotel rates. Factoring a combination of hotel pricing, weather and seasonal activities, the guide identifies the “best value months”* to travel for an affordable trip.

How Smart Shoppers Can Save:  

  • Travelers longing to experience the iconic tropical island of Bali – named the number one destination in the world in the 2017 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards – can save up to 52% if they travel in May or June, rather than peak season when hotel rates are $260 more expensive.
  • September is the best time to visit Mauritius, the destination offering the second highest savings vs. peak at 51%.
  • Bora Bora, considered a paradise for honeymooners, offers the greatest average dollar savings of $507 during the best value month, compared to the other 9 dream destinations.
  • Travelers who prefer beautiful natural scenery should consider a trip to Botswana in April or October, or to the Iguazu Falls in May where hotels prices are down nearly a third compared to peak season.
  • March is the time to shop ’til you drop onto your hotel bed in New York City – after saving an average of 33% on accommodations.
  • Hawaii offers the highest flexibility for a value visit with four months to choose from with an average savings of 20%.


Dream Destinations

Best Value Months

(according to TripAdvisor

hotel price comparison

data and seasonal factors)

Average Savings***

(compared to peak season)

Bali, Indonesia

May / June







Bora Bora, French Polynesia




New York City 









Iguazu Falls (Brazil)




Tokyo, Japan









April / May

September / October



Luxury for Less Guide to 9 Dream Destinations:

Bali – Best Value Months: May & June, average savings of 52%

For many, a vacation on the “island of gods” is at the top of the travel list – in fact, Bali was named the #1 destination in the world in the 2017 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards. According to TripAdvisor hotel price comparison, the best value months are in May and June with an average savings of $262. The warm air and sea temperatures are perfect for travelers that love water sports, and this time period of late spring/early summer allows for insight into Balinese culture during the rice harvest celebration.

Mauritius – Best Value Month: September, average savings of 51%                                           

The best travel period for Mauritius is often defined as September to January, but according to TripAdvisor Luxury for Less Guide, September is the optimal best value month since it’s outside peak season ($290 average savings). Travel tip: When booking a hotel, consider an accommodation the Northern and Western part of the island for a warmer and drier climate.

Bora Bora – Best Value Month: April, average savings of 38%

In April, the Bora Bora climate becomes drier with warm water temps, ideal for swimming and diving in the lagoon. As a popular honeymoon paradise, time above water can be spent with a romantic dinner on the beach or on the porch of an “overwater-bungalow.” The best part? April is off-peak, so travelers can save more than $500 on average, according to TripAdvisor hotel price comparison data.

New York City – Best Value Month: March, average savings of 33%

In March, the Big Apple entices visitors with an average hotel savings of $158, compared to peak season. While the weather can still be cold and unpredictable, the first signs of spring start to pop up with some beautiful sights in Central Park. Travel tip: Come prepared for changing weather and take advantage of New York’s offerings of some of the world’s finest shopping.

Botswana – Best Value Months: April & October, average savings of 32%

Botswana, with its breath-taking wildlife, is considered a must-see destination for many travelers, but high hotel prices can be restraining. In April and October, travelers can consider themselves lucky because TripAdvisor price comparison data shows that hotel rates drop an average of $230. Travel tips: Avoid the Okavango Delta in April because the paths are often muddy and unpassable, even with four-wheelers. October is a great time for animal watching along the watering holes due to the dried up flora at the end of the season.

Iguazu Falls (Brazil) – Best Value Month: May, average savings of 31%

Autumn in Brazil is characterized by warm temperatures by day and cooler temps at night – ideal for travelers who want to avoid summer heat. The TripAdvisor best value month (May) is when travelers can save an average of $50 on hotels. Travel tip: Invest the hotel savings in a tour and take a day trip to the Argentine side of the waterfalls.

Japan (Tokyo) – Best Value Month: May, average savings of 21%

Japan is a diverse country and many travelers have Tokyo on their list of must-see destinations. Cooler months are ideal for a city trip, including the TripAdvisor best value month of May, when travelers can save up to $67 on hotels. Travel tip: Avoid the beginning of May due to “Golden Week,” which is a period of four consecutive national holidays, when many locals go on vacation and businesses will be closed.

Seychelles – Best Value Month: September, average savings of 20%

The 115 islands of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean are considered a paradise on earth and attract tourists with consistent temperatures of 82-91 degrees throughout the year. Based on TripAdvisor hotel price comparison data, the best value month is September, when travelers can save an average of $115 on hotels. Travel tip: September is ideal time to visit if you enjoy hiking and golfing outdoors. Mid-September is optimal diving season with clear waters, allowing views of more than 35 meters deep.

Hawaii – Best Value Months: April, May, September, October, average savings of 20%

Good news for travelers who have Hawaii on their travel agenda: The TripAdvisor Luxury for Less Guide reveals one third of the year falls into the best value time period, where travelers can save an average of $99 on hotels. In addition, these months are outside of peak season with dry weather conditions. Travel tip: April is typically wetter, but it’s also the best time to whale watch in Hawaii.


*Featured dream destinations were selected by asking the travel community – via the TripAdvisor social media channels – which destinations they would love to visit but thought they couldn’t afford. These comments were analysed and weighted, and then used by TripAdvisor to inform the final destination list for the Luxury for Less Guide.

**Best Value Time Period is defined by TripAdvisor hotel price comparison data and factors such as local weather and seasonal activities.  

***Average savings are determined by comparing hotel prices in the peak travel season vs. best value time period using the TripAdvisor hotel price comparison taking into account 3 star or better accommodations with a minimum of 3.5 bubbles on TripAdvisor.