“Be The Ultimate Sports Coach,” by Allen Buck

Coaching youth sports just became easier. The book, “Be The Ultimate Sports Coach. The Definitive Guide to Coaching Youth Sports. The Hows, the Whys, and What to Avoid,” by longtime coach Allen Buck presents a unique approach to coaching. This book is filled with various techniques that illustrate different ways of achieving the best results for kids. And isn’t that what coaching is all about?

Buck’s approach is that participation in sports is little more than an analogy for life. In his book, he bridges the gap between sports and life experiences, while still focusing on the competitive nature of the sport. Many successful people, when asked to name an influential person in their life, will name a coach from their youth. Given that, isn’t it important that kids have quality coaches to look up to?

Most youth coaches are parents who volunteer their time. They come from all walks of life with varying degrees of sports knowledge but usually, very limited coaching or teaching experience. Buck provides welcome assistance for coaches everywhere with his book, “Be The Ultimate Sports Coach.”

In his approach to writing this book, Buck thought about self-help books and all of the different studies they tend to cite. He wanted his book to be something more tangible; something to which the reader could easily relate. He wrote this book using examples from his twenty-five years of sideline experience. All coaches have stories to tell, but the stories in this book illustrate specific points – some describing good coaching methods; some not so good.

Coaches with any level of experience will be able to relate to these situations more easily than to theoretical guess work. The author’s intention is to share his experiences with good and bad coaching techniques – not to criticize any specific coach. Coaches will benefit from this book by seeing these examples explained in detail. The ultimate goal is to help the children who participate in sports by helping their coaches become better at their craft.

This is a very good and humorous read. In short, if you want to help kids in your area, buy this book and put it in the hands of coaches near you. It is available on Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle.