Viking Line to Partner With Swedish Culinary Team

Gastronomic delicacies and high-quality food are an important part of the travel experiences that Viking Line offers. The flavourful journeys have been spiced up even more with a variety of theme weeks, partnerships with different celebrity chefs and new restaurant experiences on board. In March, a long-term partnership with the Swedish Culinary Team is being launched.

The aim of the partnership between Viking Line and the Swedish Culinary Team, which competes in cooking competitions around the world, is to develop taste experiences on the company’s seven vessels. The Swedish Culinary Team is tasked with creating brand-new food concepts and providing restaurant and kitchen staff with continuing training in partnership with Viking Line. Swedish Culinary Team chefs will also make guest appearances on board.

“We always want to be a pioneer in developing the food experience and in trends involving both ingredients and solid culinary knowledge. Just last year, four new restaurants opened on our vessels, so we are working at a fast pace. We expect that, in partnering with the Swedish Culinary Team, we will be able to offer even better taste experiences on board than before,” says Bodil Ståhl, Restaurant Manager at Viking Line.

Altogether there are nearly 40 restaurants and cafés on board Viking Line’s vessels, offering everything from traditional buffets and homemade pastries to seafood platters, fine dining options and innovative tasting menus. The Swedish Culinary Team comprises 12 chefs and pastry chefs who, under the direction of team captain Fredrik Andersson, have successfully represented Sweden in international culinary competitions. Next in their sights are the Culinary World Cup 2018 and the Culinary Olympics 2020.

“We are very proud to launch a gastronomic partnership with Viking Line. The kitchen staff members on the vessels are really knowledgeable, and it is great to be able to start developing taste experiences on the Baltic Sea in partnership with them,” says Fredrik Andersson, Swedish Culinary Team leader.