“Well Nourished – Mindful Practices to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Feed Your Whole Self and End Overeating” By Andrea Lieberstein

What if we were living a life where we felt well nourished physically, emotionally, psychologically, intellectually, socially, spiritually, and creatively? What if we had access to tools and practices to turn to when our lives are not in balance rather than turning towards food?

Well Nourished, the first book from internationally renowned teacher, trainer and coach Andrea Lieberstein, gives those tools and practices in a fresh new inspiring way, so you no longer have to turn towards food to find what you are seeking. With step-by-step examples, tools, beautiful illustrations, meditations and mindful practices that can be individualized to your own unique needs, the book helps you get on track to living a balanced, happy and well-nourished life.

Andrea Lieberstein (PRNewsfoto/Andrea Lieberstein)

As a mindfulness expert and registered dietitian nutritionist, Andrea has over 20 years of experience that she shares through Well Nourished and brings her unique expertise in mindful eating and well nourished living. A leader of mindful eating trainings and retreats, Andrea incorporates innovative mindful eating and mindfulness-based mind-body practices in her online and in-person private practice with individuals and groups, working on a wide range of nutritional and lifestyle challenges from stress related and emotional eating to body image issues to healthy weight management and mindful living.

Well Nourished is available at your favorite local bookstore or online retailer.