World Famous Hobbit House for Sale

It seems with 4′ of snow, bitter cold and his ale cellar flooding, Bilbo is calling it quits and putting the Shire up for sale.

This is not a backyard playhouse or a pre-fab unit but the real thing featured on HGTV, MTV, and the Discovery Channel, with a write-up in the New York Times and an interview on the BBC. The Shire of Montana was even privileged to have the Shire trademark from Middle-earth Enterprises that will end with the sale of the parcel.

Talk about minimalistic living, this unique 2 story Guest Retreat is approx. 1000 sq. ft. & has 2 bedrooms, full bath, kitchen, pantry, dining & living areas. This parcel has spectacular views of Cougar Peak and Whitepine Valley including a trout pond and Whitepine creek.

This lushly appointed Tourist Home includes Juniper furniture, HD-Blu-Ray TV with flat screen and entertainment center. A designer’s kitchen furnished with customized granite counters, and all the appliances and tools a chef needs for gourmet creations. It also includes a deck with gas barbecue.

This is a SPECIAL Sale because it is the only one like it in the world. We came in 2nd in the world for Best Themed Homes in the world. Harry Potter got # 1.

This could be a summer vacation, Company retreat and place to be off the grid to simply write and live in a very quiet and contented, spiritual place. As lore has it, the Indians would come here to pray & called it special ground.

If you are truly interested, you could rent the space for a couple of nights so you could see for yourself the quality, integrity and craftsmanship that went into its construction. This may not be for everybody – but it is really cool!