AKC.TV Airs 24/7 Content For Dog Lovers

AKC.TV, a brand new digital OTT network especially for dog lovers launches today. This network, presented by The American Kennel Club (AKC®), brings 24/7 original dog centric content to viewers.

Created in conjunction with award-winning digital production and distribution company B Live, AKC.TV gives dog lovers everywhere on-demand access to dog-related programming that can be watched via any connected device, including computers, tablets, phones, Apple TV and Roku.

Viewers can browse an extensive video library of hundreds of videos on various topics that includes puppy videos, heartwarming stories, training tips, breed specific information, dog sports and much more. They can also watch videos anywhere they want, giving them the power to curate videos on the go.

“The AKC has leveraged more than 130 years of expertise in dogs to create a platform that works for today’s audience,” said Gina DiNardo, Executive Secretary of the AKC. “We wanted to create a channel that gives viewers a positive experience, introduces dog lovers to the world of the AKC, and celebrates our love for dogs everywhere.”

The development of AKC.TV is on par with the current trend of more than 20 million TV consumers per year “cutting the cord” and switching to streaming channels like HULU, Netflix and Sling TV, among others.

“The love of dogs and the need for content is universal,” said Russell Quy, CEO of B Live.  “In today’s world it’s critical to allow users to access content across all devices and platforms. With a great partner like the AKC we are able to not only create compelling dog related content but also a whole new network of distribution channels. This strategic approach lets dog lovers watch great content wherever they like, and enables brands to reach this highly targeted group.”

The network has plans to move to several other distribution platforms in the coming months, including Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV and will expand its programming slate.

For more information, please go to https://akc.tv/