Ally Introduces Online Auto Finance Marketplace, Clearlane

Ally, a leading digital financial services company, today introduced an online marketplace called Clearlane, that connects consumers with leading auto finance providers to finance or refinance their vehicles with ease. Clearlane’s simple and straightforward process provides customers with quotes from a robust network of finance providers, and personalized support to help apply for and complete transactions. As more consumers look to secure financing online, Clearlane’s powerful technology and extensive network of trusted providers, makes the process easy and convenient.

“With Clearlane, Ally adds a unique online platform to our digital financial products and services in the auto space, allowing consumers to easily secure financing or refinance their vehicle through a trusted source,” said Tim Russi, president of auto finance at Ally. “We are excited about the opportunities to offer more financing and F&I products through the platform in the future, and to eventually leverage the technology to power online sales for our dealers.”

The Clearlane network includes numerous national, regional and local providers, offering auto finance and refinance products. The Clearlane site was brought to market following Ally’s acquisition of BlueYield, a California-based technology company, in 2016. The site was enhanced to simplify the customer journey and experience, and rebranded to align with Ally’s broad assortment of products and services.

As Ally continues to expand its products, services and financial resources aimed at helping consumers to better manage their finances, Clearlane is a natural fit – empowering consumers with financial options through a trusted network of leading financial providers.

The ability to more easily refinance a vehicle on Clearlane could have a meaningful impact on monthly costs for budget-conscious consumers. According to data from the site, customers reduced their monthly payment on average by $100 per month by refinancing their vehicles with a new provider.

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