Armonite’s New Album ‘And the Stars Above’ Available Summer 2017

Armonite, the band by composer Paolo Fosso and violinist Jacopo Bigi are releasing their new album, And the Stars Above, this summer. The album is a follow-up to their 2015 successful debut album; The Sun is New Each Day.

As with the previous album, And the Stars Above is an instrumental mix of electric violin, keyboards, bass, and drums with focus on the amazing and powerful electric violin, performed by Jacopo Bigi. Interpreting the music composed by keyboardist Paolo Fosso, Armonite also performs with bassist Alberto Fiorani and drummer Emiliano Cava. Plus the track “By the Waters of Babylon” sees the participation of former collaborators Jasper Barendregt on drums and Colin Edwin (of Porcupine Tree) on bass.

The album is inspired by the multiple facets of the soul as an experience of self-knowledge. The ‘stars’ in the title stand for a higher level of consciousness. It encourages us to stop, abandon these banal trails we run on and elevate our minds.

The sound of the album is more oriented to soundtrack music with textures that feel very immediate. Fosso, who recently composed the music for a couple of web series, wants to take Armonite to the next level. “We consume tons of music every day, we can’t just stick to one genre”, he says, “generally speaking, the album is rock, but with this idea of soundtrack music.”

Throughout the album, lingers a ghostly female voice, appearing and disappearing here and there before fully emerging in the band’s first song with lyrics, “Clouds Collide”. The track tells the story of a girl between time and memories.

And the Stars Above is a journey through 12 tracks, starting with “The March of the Stars” inspired by Dante’s Paradise and ending with “Ghosts”. The album also features two bonus tracks- a polyrhythmic piece for piano solo, ‘The Fire Dancer’, and the String Quartet “A Playful Day”.

“We’re confident this is going to be a great release, with a rather peculiar view, ” says Fosso, “The Sun is New Each Day had a heavy compact sound… And the Stars Above is groovy, with different vibes across a bunch of genres. There’s something indie in this new sound that we’ve never explored before and it’s kind of sexy for us!”

You can find more information about Armonite and their new album at the band’s official website,

And the Stars above

All tracks composed and arranged by Paolo Fosso

Performed by ARMONITE

Jacopo Bigi – electric violin

Paolo Fosso – keyboards

Alberto Fiorani – bass

Emiliano Cava – drums