Best College Values Publishes Ranking of Top 50 Bachelor’s in Business Degree Programs 2017

Best College Values, a website that ranks higher education degrees according to their quality and affordability, has published their latest in a series of rankings: Top 50 Best Value Bachelor’s in Business Degree Programs 2017.

The schools in this ranking were selected from a pool of 300 regionally accredited colleges and universities with above average reputations according to US News and World Report. They were then ranked according to a weighted methodology using publicly available data in the areas of tuition rates, return on investment (according to PayScale), graduation rates, and cohort default rates.

Placing first in this ranking is Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, and California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo placed second and third, respectively.

Other colleges and universities that made the ranking are listed below in alphabetical order.

Arizona State University—Tempe, Arizona

Auburn University—Auburn, Alabama

Baruch College CUNY—New York City, New York

Binghamton University SUNY—Vestal, New York

California State Polytechnic University—Pomona, California

Clemson University—Clemson, South Carolina

College of William and Mary—Williamsburg, Virginia

Florida State University—Tallahassee, Florida

George Mason University—Fairfax, Virginia

Indiana University—Bloomington, Indiana

Iowa State University—Ames, Iowa

Louisiana State University—Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Massachusetts Institute of Technology—Cambridge, Massachusetts

North Carolina State University—Raleigh, North Carolina

Ohio State University—Columbus, Ohio

Oklahoma State University—Stillwater, Oklahoma

Pennsylvania State University—University Park, Pennsylvania

Rutgers University—New Brunswick, New Jersey

San Diego State University—San Diego, California

San Jose State University—San Jose, California

Texas A&M University—College Station, Texas

Texas Tech University—Lubbock Texas

University of Arizona—Tucson, Arizona

University at Buffalo SUNY—Buffalo, New York

University of California—Berkeley, California

University of California—Irvine, California

University of Colorado—Boulder, Colorado

University of Connecticut—Storrs, Connecticut

University of Delaware—Newark, Delaware

University of Florida—Gainesville, Florida

University of Georgia—Athens, Georgia

University of Illinois—Urbana Champaign, Illinois

University of Iowa—Iowa City, Iowa

University of Massachusetts—Amherst, Massachusetts

University of Maryland—College Park, Maryland

University of Michigan—Ann Arbor Michigan

University of Minnesota—Twin Cities

University of Missouri—Columbia, Missouri

University of Nebraska—Lincoln, Nebraska

University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill, North Carolina

University of Oklahoma—Norman, Oklahoma

University of Texas—Austin, Texas

University of Utah—Salt Lake City, Utah

University of Virginia—Charlottesville, Virginia

University of Washington—Seattle, Washington

University of Wisconsin—Madison, Wisconsin

Virginia Polytechnic University—Blacksburg, Virginia

Brett Gershon, site editor for Best College Values, says, “Students who choose a career in business know they are entering a competitive field, so obtaining a bachelor’s degree from a reputable institution will go a long way toward a successful beginning upon graduation.” Gershon also notes that it is also important to attend an institution that delivers a great education at an affordable price that will provide a good future return on the investment. “This ranking is designed to highlight degree programs that provide the best balance of all of these factors.” Prospective students will find this ranking a valuable resource in weighing all of the considerations involved the decision of where to attend college. The ranking provides an analysis of the objective factors in this process so that students can focus more on subjective aspects to find a great fit. is an online resource for prospective college students seeking an education worth its cost. Best College Values strives to provide the most comprehensive and rigorously researched set of online resources on the intersections of college affordability, educational quality, and educational outcomes so that individuals pursuing higher education can find the best college at the best price.