BISSELL Introduces the BarkBath – the Company’s First Dog-Washing System

For many households, bathing the family pet is one more chore that takes up valuable time, uses several tools and takes plenty of patience. From the splatter that comes with a good post-bath shake, to the water splashed around the tub, washing Fido can often create an even bigger mess than the dirtiness that prompted the bath in the first place. To make bath time less of a chore, BISSELL, a leader in cleaning solutions and floor care, is introducing the BarkBath™, the company’s first portable bath system—the next generation of dog bathing.

The BISSELL BarkBath allows pet parents to bathe their pet with virtually no mess—eliminating the inevitable clean-up that comes along with washing a four-legged family member. This all-in-one system can be used in any room of the house, anytime, with a minimal mess.

The BarkBath works with any length of fur or hair and uses a no-rinse shampoo. Specially designed nozzles get beneath the fur and down to the skin—the true source of stink—to allow water and shampoo to wash the skin clean, while a soft suction pulls dirt and water away into a separate dirty water tank. What’s more, the BarkBath uses less than 48 ounces of water to clean pets up to 80 pounds compared to traditional bathing in a tub, which can use up to 19 gallons of water.

“We’re always simplifying and improving cleaning at BISSELL, whether that’s cleaning your home, your carpet or now, your adorable mess-makers,” said Chuck Martin, General Manager of BISSELL Business Ventures. “It was a natural evolution for BISSELL to introduce the BarkBath to make cleaning pets faster and easier than ever before.”

The entire BarkBath system comes complete with no-rinse shampoo tested specifically for the system, a microfiber mat for the system, a microfiber drying towel for faces and paws, and a storage bag to give pets a full grooming experience at home.

The BarkBath will be available later this spring at major retailers with a MSRP starting at $149.99.