Pressure Washing That Doesn’t Waste The Weekend: New Generac SpeedWash

According to Brian Sell, senior product manager for Generac Power Systems, consumers love using pressure washers but hate how long it takes to finish their cleaning jobs.

“Users appreciate the cleaning power they get with a pressure washer — no doubt,” he said. “But with a narrow stream of water, you can only clean so fast. Consumers have told us they’re getting tired of — in many cases — using up their entire weekend doing cleaning chores. They wanted a pressure washer that would dramatically reduce their working time.”

That’s why Generac developed the new SpeedWash™ — the latest entry in the company’s innovative line of residential pressure washers. Unlike conventional pressure washers that require you to change tips for different cleaning jobs, the SpeedWash instead makes use of Generac’s one-of-a-kind PowerDial.

“The PowerDial is unique in that it allows users to adjust output pressure based upon the cleaning task,” Sell said. “On the new SpeedWash, the PowerDial is located on the pressure washer’s gun. It’s the business end of the pressure washer and the part of the unit that consumers interact with the most, so it was an especially user-friendly location for it.”

The PowerDial on the SpeedWash is available with four settings: an automobile setting, designed specifically for washing a car; a wood setting for cleaning siding, fences and the like – typically vertical surfaces; a concrete setting intended for cleaning driveways and pavements – typically horizontal surfaces; and a soap setting for applying detergent and cleaning products.

While two versions of the SpeedWash will be immediately available — one with a maximum output pressure of 2900 pounds/in.2 (PSI) and one with a maximum output pressure of 3200 PSI — pressure will be variable via Generac’s PowerDial technology.

Further accelerating the cleaning process is Generac’s decision to include cleaning tools with the SpeedWash instead of making them available as aftermarket accessories.

“The 2900 PSI SpeedWash model will come standard with a turbo nozzle and a soap blaster,” Sell said. “The turbo nozzle rotates a pinpoint stream of high-pressure water to more effectively remove dirt from porous surfaces, like brick and concrete — reducing cleaning time by as much as 30 percent. And the soap blaster deploys detergent at a higher pressure than a standard soap nozzle and agitates the soap spray for better stain penetration and cleaning power.”

Additionally, the 3200 PSI model will also feature a power broom. Designed to more effectively clean horizontal surfaces, the power broom offers four high-pressure nozzles that provide a 12 in. cleaning path. The result is as much as four times faster cleaning of driveways, sidewalks and other hard surfaces.

SpeedWash users will also benefit from the standard 30 ft. Versatech hose — the most flexible in the industry. The Versatech hose is non-marring, abrasion-resistant and resistant to kinking. It’s 5 ft. longer than the majority of standard hoses on competitive pressure washers.

The SpeedWash will be available April 1 through many national home centers and online retailers.