Build-A-Bear Workshop’s “Furry N’ Fierce” Collection

Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. (NYSE: BBW), an interactive destination where Guests can create personalized furry friends, and Hot Topic—the first retailer to bring alternative apparel and accessories to malls across the country—have teamed up to debut a bold-yet-cuddly line of furry friends, complete with stylish outfits and accessories, and matching pieces for teens and young adults. This is the first time the brands have worked together to develop a joint collection, which they will officially unveil in mid-July.

Build-A-Bear Workshop and Hot Topic have always encouraged self-expression through products that appeal across genders and generations. Together, as Build-A-Bear celebrates its 20th birthday year, the brands are introducing a one-of-a-kind collection perfect for teens and young adults who have grown up with furry friends and have an affinity for Hot Topic’s iconic styles. The Furry N’ Fierce collection blends the comfort of cuddly plush with the thrill of “youthful rebellion” in a uniquely nostalgic way.

Bears with Hot Topic flair will be available at select Hot Topic stores, and Accompanying furry friend outfits and accessories will be sold in Build-A-Bear Workshop stores and at The matching young adult styles will be available at select Hot Topic stores and along with a Funko Pop! vinyl figure. The Funko Pop! vinyl figure will also be sold at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores and

“Guests who have grown up visiting Build-A-Bear Workshop have a special fondness for the furry friends and memories they’ve made in our stores,” said Jennifer Kretchmar, Chief Product Officer, Build-A-Bear Workshop. “The new Furry N’ Fierce collection gives them the opportunity to reconnect with their youth while expressing their individuality. We have been neighbors with Hot Topic stores at shopping destinations for many years, but this is the first time we have worked together to create a line of furry friends, accessories and clothing. As we celebrate our 20th birthday in 2017, we are excited to introduce a new collection that appeals to Build-A-Bear and Hot Topic fans.”

“We are so excited for this unique collaboration between two pop-culture-driven retailers, combining fashion inspired by Hot Topic and cuddly, furry bears,” commented Cindy Levitt, Senior Vice President, Merchandise and Marketing at Hot Topic. “We can’t wait until Furry N’ Fierce launches so we can all be wearing the same outfits as our furry friends!”

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