Provides In-Depth Instructional Course for Superfans to Build Realistic, High-Quality Iron Man Suit

Attention cosplayers: ( is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to construct their own impressive Iron Man suit, indistinguishable from the one Tony Stark wears in Marvel’s hugely popular movie series. For a small one-time payment, the site offers access to a complete course on how to build a suit from scratch. Completely pre-made Iron Man suits are also available. A demonstration of’s finished replica:

“You don’t need an engineering degree to build your own Iron Man suit out of fiberglass,” says Christian Trejo, Owner. “At, we’ve put together a simple course that anyone can follow, regardless of skill level. Most of the steps involve nothing more than cutting, folding and pasting. Some customers even profit from their suits!”

Young Conner Meyers of Hilliard, Ohio offers an inspiring example of how the Iron Man suit — plus some entrepreneurial spirit — can change lives. When he learned his family was struggling financially and at risk of losing their home, he borrowed enough money to invest in his own Iron Man suit. Today, he earns $200 per hour at events and parties, and the Meyers family no longer lives in fear of losing everything.

Real IronMan Costume Suit Mark 4 (PRNewsfoto/’s online course provides everything one needs to have a finished suit in as little as a couple of weeks. Members gain access to the following:

  • Material list — all parts available from major home improvement retailers
  • Step-by-step instruction guide
  • 3D design files and accompanying PC software to view files
  • Full-color pictures
  • Video tutorials explaining the most important steps
  • Superior customer support as needed

The suit designs provided by are designed for someone about 5’8″ and with a 30″ waist; however, it’s easy to scale the files up or down. Instructions in the member area explain how to measure oneself to ensure the scale is 100% accurate. In addition, three models of Iron Man suit are available — Mark 4, Mark 6 and Mark 42.

Real War Machine Costume Suit IronMan Suit (PRNewsfoto/

Satisfied cosplayers around the world have turned to to help them temporarily become Tony Stark himself. Their feedback has been enthusiastic: “The suit powered up and everything works!” says Mark P. Belcher. “It feels great. The light up eyes are fantastic. This is my suit for Comic Con, San Diego, California. This is probably the best investment I’ve ever made.”

Trejo plans to continue adding new models of Iron Man’s famous suit, as well as introducing costumes worn by other well-known comic book characters.


Christian Trejo launched three years ago after being inspired to build his own Iron Man suit for Halloween. He documented every step so that others could learn how to do the same. Without any outside investment, Trejo has grown his business tremendously by offering simple instructions and the ability to customize each suit.