Lysol® Is Unfolding The Truth About Bacteria On Laundry

A parent’s top priority is making sure that their children are loved, cared for and protected – including helping keep them safe from harmful germs that can make them sick.  But when it comes to a regular household task – laundry – most American parents are missing an important step in germ prevention. When items that go everywhere with a child, like a beloved blanky, are put into the wash, the assumption is that they are going in dirty and coming out clean. But is that really true?

Despite popular belief, washing laundry with regular detergent and cold water does not kill all of the bacteria! This means that even though laundry is coming out of the wash looking and smelling clean, it may still be covered in harmful germs that cause illness like staph infections (Staphylococcus aureus), meningitis and pneumonia (Klebsiella pneumoniae). Enter NEW Lysol Laundry Sanitizer®: a breakthrough liquid additive that, when added to the laundry routine, removes 99.9% of bacteria.

“We created Lysol Laundry Sanitizer® because we wanted to ensure the well-being of families, so that parents feel confident that their laundry is truly clean,” said Rory Tait, Marketing Director, Lysol. “We want them to understand the importance of stepping up their laundry routine to help keep their loved ones safe from harmful germs that traditional laundering methods do not protect against.”

Lysol, an RB brand, developed the innovative liquid additive to remove harmful and odor-causing bacteria that spread from one item to another in the wash. Unlike fabric softeners that mask the odors, Lysol Laundry Sanitizer® effectively kills bacteria that can create lingering smells. Fading, shrinking and discoloration of clothes often occurs with the use of hot water and bleach but with its effective yet gentle formula, containing no chlorine bleach, Lysol Landry Sanitizer® eliminates bacteria – even in cold water. It is also safe to use on delicate items such as bedding, towels, sportswear, and children’s clothes, leaving fabrics with a fresh, clean laundry scent.

In a continued effort to help safeguard the health of children and celebrate bacteria-free laundry, Lysol is partnering with mother of two, designer, style icon, and entrepreneur Rachel Zoe. Rachel collaborated with Lysol to create a custom, limited edition-blanky with a special care label and how-to wash instructions for parents to rest assured that the things closest to their families – their clothing, bedding and blankies – are free from harmful germs.

“As a mother of two young boys, and working so closely with fabrics as a designer, I was surprised to learn that items so intimately close to our children – like a blanky, which is constantly snuggled and cuddled and then dragged everywhere! – may still contain harmful bacteria even after coming straight out of the wash” said Rachel Zoe. “I’m so excited to partner with Lysol to introduce the new Lysol Landry Sanitizer® and collaborate on a limited-edition blanky with special washing instructions to help protect our loved ones from germs and keep them safe.”

Lysol is also partnering with GOOD+ Foundation®, an organization that aims to break the cycle of family poverty through the power of donated goods and services. To help GOOD+ Foundation further its mission, Lysol will donate 50 limited-edition blankies and 300 bottles of Lysol Landry Sanitizer® to the organization. Also, starting April 1 2017, for every bottle of Lysol Laundry Sanitizer® sold, Lysol will donate $1 to GOOD+ Foundation (up to $25,000) to help the organization provide blankies to families in need.

“We are thrilled to team up with Lysol and support their effort to help keep children safe,” said Katherine Snider, Executive Director, GOOD+ Foundation. “Through their contribution, we’ll be able to provide an essential item – blankets – to those in need, together helping more families feel supported.”

Lysol Laundry Sanitizer® is available at retailers nationwide. For more information visit