9 Ways To Rock Rose Gold Hair Color This Summer

It’s the freshest, trendiest hue of the season. Noticeable, but not too in-your-face. It’s cool and interesting. It can be adjusted for any skin tone. It can be subtle enough to keep maintenance under control. And when you’re done, you’re done—it won’t haunt your new color. It’s rose gold hair color.

Rose gold can be any combination of pink, peach, violet, rose, coral, salmon, sand, blush or gold. It can be applied all over, as highlights or slices, or as a balayage or ombré effect. It can be applied with a subtle hand or it can be designed for a vivid effect. If you’re ready to rock rose gold this summer, here are nine tips for making the most of the hue:

  • Ask your stylist to design your rose gold shade to flatter your skin tone. If you’re cool toned, the color should skew pink; if your complexion is warm, put more emphasis on peach.
  • Colored hair stays healthier when a special bonding product is added into all of the color formulas used. These bonders keep the integrity of the hair intact during every step of the process. They also come with a special conditioner that you can use between salon visits at home! (Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas swears by the Matrix Bond Ultim8 system)
  • To preserve lighter shades of rose gold, try not to shampoo daily. On in-between days, work a dry shampoo like Biolage Waterless Clean & Full Shampoo through your roots to freshen and absorb oil and dirt.
  • Trendy hues are ideal when styled with trendy, lived-in waves. To get the look, separate hair into vertical sections, mist with heat protection spray, insert a flat iron a few inches below the scalp, wind the hair around the iron and slide the iron down the strand. Remove the iron before reaching the ends so they remain uncurled.
  • Loose waves are everything this season, but too much heat can cause color to fade. So dial down the temps on your thermal tools before curling and waving your hair!
  • Special hair color requires special care.Treat your rose gold color naturally and gently with shampoos and conditioners, like Matrix Biolage R.A.W., that are formulated with natural origin ingredients.
  • Vivid shades of rose gold will stay vibrant with regular professional glossing treatments. Think of them like a top coat for your color—they prevent it from fading and keep your hair super shiny!
  • Show off your rose gold ombré to its full effect with a shoulder grazing lob haircut. The best lobs are jagged on the ends rather than blunt and contain a few subtle layers to avoid a heavy, solid effect.
  • Simple makeup is best with rose gold hair color—that way your makeup and hair aren’t fighting for attention. Opt for a smoky eye “light” approach for your eye makeup, using sand and soft cocoa eyeshadows with black mascara. Lips are best in nude or pale pink or peach matte colors.