Horoscope Hair: The Best Hairstyle For Every Sign

The secret to choosing the best hairstyle, say the hair style pros at Matrix, is to find a look that fits your personality and helps you feel confident. Can the zodiac hold the keys to a perfect hairstyle match? Here’s a hair horoscope that forecasts the best hairstyle trends for every sign.

LEO (July 23August 22): Long, Straight, Rose Gold Hair
Leos do it all at full bore and full roar, which is probably why others always look to the lioness for a flash of regal, royal glamour– and even a bit of glitz. They can deliver on all counts by embracing the latest hairstyle trend—long, straight, smooth hair.  It’s hair-to-there, ribbon straight and smooth as glass. Add a squared-off fringe for an “I’ve Got You Babe” vibe, and pair it with shimmering copper hair color, or the season’s trendiest hue—rose gold hair color.

Virgo (August 23September 22): Long Bob
A Virgo’s feet are always planted firmly, which is the best way to keep everything under control and running smoothly. Hands down the hairstyle for Virgo is a midlength lob or long bob. It’s easy, versatile and on-trend, which ticks all of their boxes. Although “lazy” is never in a Virgo’s vocabulary, try styling a lob with lazy waves to project a relaxed vibe. Use a heat protection spray like Style Link Heat Buffer  and a flat iron for a compressed wave shape.

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