The Secret to All Those Celebrity Hair Color Switch-Ups is Bond Rebuilders

Every celebrity knows that in order to guarantee an instant surge of publicity and social media attention, all she has to do is change her hair color. So they all do it. Often. Which makes you wonder how they still manage to have such glossy, gorgeous hair. Matrix Celebrity Hair Stylist George Papanikolas–who has worked with clients like Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Hannah Davis Jeter, Britney Spears and Madonna–knows the answer. The secret to maintaining hair health through numerous hair color switch-ups, he reveals, is the bond builder.

“I can push hair color further, take my clients blonder, and process their hair more often,” reveals Papanikolas, who uses the Matrix Bond Ultim8 system. “They love it, and now they all stop me before I begin every color application to be sure I’ve included Bond Ultim8 in their formulas!”

A bond builder, Papanikolas explains, is a modern insurance policy for hair. That’s because the bonds that form the structure of healthy hair are constantly under attack. Hair lighteners, permanent hair color, demi-permanent hair color, smoothing and perm services, thermal tools, mechanical tools and environmental aggressors can all lead to the undoing of these structural bonds, leaving hair damaged, weak, dull and lifeless. BOND Ultim8 Bond Protecting System takes up the challenge—protecting existing bonds, preventing further bond breakage and remarkably transforming the outcome of salon services.

“Whether you’re a salon-born blonde, devoted to your grey-coverage color services or tempted by every new mint, pink or coral hue that comes along,” says Papanikolas, “you can rest easy knowing there’s a scientifically advanced way to spare your hair from damage and elevate it to the healthiest possible level.”