Balayage 2.0 – Color Melt Is The Season’s Hottest New Hair Color Technique

Taking balayage and ombré to the next level, Color Melting is the season’s hottest new hair color trend. It’s a seamless blend of transitioning colors employing any palette—from subtly natural to soft pastels to iridescent jewel tones, and celebrities, models, and actresses are begging their hair stylists for the look.

What is Color Melting?
Color melting mirrors a natural color pattern. “It involves placing two or three shades along the hair shaft, and diffusing the shades together so there’s absolutely no line of demarcation,” explains Matrix Artistic Director Nick Stenson. “The goal is for the gradations to look absolutely seamless and natural.”

Color Melting Can Be Done With Any Imaginable Color Palette
This is the cool thing about Color Melting. It’s gorgeous when it’s done with conventional blonde, brunette and red shades. It’s equally amazing when it’s used to create rose gold hair color, shades of blush or pink, lilac or screaming blue. Because even though these colors are by no means natural, the Color Melt application puts a natural spin on the overall color design. “Color Melting is a way to blend multiple colors within a variety of palettes,” explains Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas, “from brights to pastels to natural shades. This technique really unlocks your artistic freedom!”

Color Melting Is for Everyone
According to Matrix Artistic Director Chrystofer Benson, Color Melt can be adapted for every salon client, anywhere in the world, simply by altering the palette. “For a classic adaptation, a color expert will keep the tones and shades closer together,” he explains. “For progressive or avant garde looks, the hair stylist will explore disconnection, asymmetry and color levels that are further apart.”

Introducing the Holographic Color Melt Collection
Using every tool in the Matrix color portfolio—including SOCOLOR, COLORINSIDER, Color Sync, Light Master, Color Graphics and the new Color Sync Watercolors and Mochas– the global artists at Matrix have created the Holographic Color Melt collection. It features four, exciting new color melt designs, along with the cuts and styling techniques that will make them among the most in-demand hair looks for 2017.

The 360 Digital Hub
The Color Melt comes to life in a completely innovative and unique way, thanks to an immersive experience for stylists and consumers. Set in the relaxed Matrix “Arcade,” viewers are treated to effects like pioneering panoramic technology, manual rotating functions, zoom in and zoom out, start and stop functions and full 360 degree views of individual models in order to experience the collection like never before. It also offers step-by-steps and before and after views. Enter the 360 Digital Hub to experience Color Melting. Enter the 360 Digital Hub to experience Color Melting.