Lime Crime Launches Unicorn Hair Dye

When it comes to unicorns, no brand has embraced the mythical creature as wholeheartedly as Lime Crime. The social media darling brand has already created a full line of Unicorn Lipsticks and highlighters in every shade of the rainbow, and now is going where no other makeup brand has gone before: hair.

It’s no surprise – Lime Crime’s ride-or-die fans are known for favoring candy-colored manes over plain locks.

Three years in the making, the Unicorn Hair range was developed by the CEO and self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen Doe Deere, known for her signature lavender hair. The 13-shade collection launched just in time for the festival season and comes in Full Coverage and Tint formulas that can be used on bleached or unbleached hair.

“The idea for Unicorn Hair was born 7 years ago, when I first started experimenting with fantasy hair color,” says Doe Deere. “Since then, I’ve been every color under the sun and tried every brand. Unicorn Hair is my dream line – modern colors that live up to my standards of quality and performance. I believe in hair color that starts out vibrant and fades gracefully overtime, without turning into a shade unworthy of a unicorn.”

The cruelty-free & vegan Unicorn Hair hair dye formula is made with the purest, vegan ingredients that deliver extra conditioning care, transforming strands into a rainbow of edgy hues. The long-wearing color contains no harsh chemicals, peroxide or ammonia, and leaves hair smooth and smelling like the cotton-candy scented meadows of fantasyland!

Sext (tint) – nude mauve
Gargoyle (full coverage) – stone grey
Bunny (tint) – baby pink
Salad (tint) – seapunk green
Pony (full coverage) – electric orchid
Chocolate Cherry (full coverage) – deep burgundy red
Dirty Mermaid (full coverage) – seafoam green
Strawberry Jam (full coverage) – muted pink-red
Anime (full coverage) – candy blue
Blue Smoke (full coverage) – steel blue
Neon Peach (full coverage) – vibrant peach
Leeloo (full coverage) – traffic-stopping orange
Jello (full coverage) – tropical green

Few brands capture imaginations like the viral vision of Lime Crime. “I see hair as the next frontier in color cosmetics. Unicorn Hair will inspire our ‘dye-hard’ fans to take their strands to fantasyland, play with color and express who they are,” says Doe Deere.

“Fantasy hair has changed my life,” reveals Deere. “When I first dyed my natural strawberry-blonde hair powder blue 7 years ago, I felt effervescent, free, and like myself for the first time! I want my customers to experience the same freedom.”

Unicorn Hair dye is 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Available now on the brand’s website with fast & trackable international shipping, or with official retailers Urban Outfitters & Dolls Kill.