MATRIX Stylists Name The 9 Must-Have Products For Summer Hair Perfection

Summer should be all about relaxing and having fun, say the pros at Matrix, and not about fussing with your hair. That’s why summer’s must-have hair products should be all about ease, speed and hair health. Here, top Matrix artists reveal their picks for flawless and uncomplicated summer hair.

1. Style Link Mineral Rough Me Up Salt-Infused Spray
Why: Flirty beach waves are the perfect summer hairstyle choice, says Matrix Artistic Director Danielle Keasling. This season, the trend is to create a looser, more rumpled wave, rather than a perfectly-formed shape. A salt-infused spray is the ideal way to create that perfect beach wave shape.

2. Style Link Air Dry Boho Air Dry Cream
Why: “Nobody is keen on turning on a hot blow dryer in the heat of summer,” declares Matrix Artistic Director Dan Csicsai. “Not to mention the discomfort of blowing hot air into an already too-warm bathroom. I tell my clients to give themselves, their houses and their hair a break and air dry their hair. And prep hair with a heatless hairstyle cream that controls frizz and supports air dried styles without stickiness or stiffness.”

3. Matrix Over Achiever Hair Cream, Paste & Wax
A high, sleek ponytail or bun is the best way to keep hair out of your face and out of the way in hot weather, says Keasling. Hair will stay polished and put together all day long with a flexible holding product like Over Achiever that will also add shine.

4. Style Link BlowOut Queen BlowOut Crème
Why: “Once the humidity starts to soar, a good, long-lasting blowout becomes harder and harder to achieve,” declares Matrix Artistic Director Michael Albor. “One smart professional strategy is to prep hair with a heat-protecting blowout crème. It will defend against humidity and extend the life of a blowout despite the swelter.”

5. Style Link Mineral Play Back Dry Shampoo
Why: To texturize braids. Braids are the hottest trend this summer, according to Albor. French braids, fishtail braids, Dutch braids, waterfall braids—you name it; they’re being worn on their own or incorporated into messy buns, upstyles and beach waves. The secret to successful braiding is texture—a braid will slip if the hair doesn’t have grip. A texturizing formula like a Play Back dry shampoo will give hair the rough texture it needs to ace any braid.

6. Style Link Style Fixer Anti-Humidity Finishing Spray
After carefully and methodically blowing, pressing or curling hair to perfection, observes Csicsai,  the last thing anyone wants is to step outside and see all that hard work come apart when humidity causes strands to droop or swell. So it’s important to lock in a hairstyle before heading out the door with a flexible formula that also shields hair from atmospheric moisture.

7. Matrix Biolage Waterless Dry Shampoos
Why: “Perspiration and pollution are at full strength during the hot months, and those could cause scalps to become oily or clogged,” explains Keasling. “Dry shampoo keeps scalp and hair feeling fresh between shampoos. As a bonus, you get to enjoy trendy, second-day texture without worrying about dirty hair!”

8. Biolage R.A.W. Recover Re-Hab Mask
For after-sun care. “Think about how your skin feels after a day of frolicking outdoors. Parched, right?” asks Albor. “The same thing happens to hair, so it’s important to restore the moisture that sun exposure depletes. A rich hair mask will restore essential hydration, strength and nourishment.”

9. Total Results 20 Miracle Creator
For efficient multi-tasking. “Summer is the time to streamline your hairstyling routine,” explains Csicsai. “A multi-tasking spray saves time and money, and it conserves space in your suitcase if you’re traveling. This leave-in spray does it all– adds moisture, beats frizz, boosts shine, prevents breakage and heat damage, conditions, makes blow drying easier and prevents split ends.”