Doing A Spa Day At Home? Don’t Forget Your Hair!

Self-care is essential for well-being, but too often women spend more time caring for family, friends, pets, co-workers, etc. and little time on themselves. The antidote to self-neglect? Plan a spa day at home, advises Matrix artist, beauty blogger and organic homesteader Megan LaCore. Set the mood and spend a day pampering your face and body…and don’t forget to show your hair some love as well!  Here are Megan’s tips for a rejuvenating spa day at home.

Create a Spa-Like Environment
Make sure your relaxation zone is spotless. Gather clean towels, washcloths, bath sponges and a fluffy robe. Set out your spa and hair products. Switch off your phone and let family and roommates know you’ll be out of touch for a while. Freshen the air by opening a window or spraying a few drops of essential oil-infused water into the room. Set out fresh flowers or herbs. Light a few candles and play some relaxing music.

Cleanse, Condition & Treat Your Face
Remove your makeup with a clean, warm, damp washcloth. Rinse with lukewarm water and repeat. Apply a gentle exfoliator to slough away dulling surface buildup. Apply a moisturizing, normalizing, or anti-aging skin mask. Allow it to sit on the skin for the time recommended by the manufacturer. Rinse with cold water, pat dry and apply treatment serum.  Follow with a few drops of lightweight facial oil for suppleness. Apply moisturizer, and finish with SPF creme or night creme.

Cleanse, Condition & Treat Your Body
Warm and soften your skin in a bath or warm shower. Choose a pleasant-scented soap or body wash. Lather up a washcloth, loofah, bath puff, or bath sponge. Massage dry-skinned areas such as knees and elbows first. Scrub feet with a firm washcloth. Apply a body scrub and massage lightly over the entire body, focusing on dry patches. Rinse with cool water. Lotion or body oil will help moisturize skin after bathing. Use a rich lotion or heavier oil at night or try a mist-on variety of lotion or oil for daytime use.

Cleanse, Conditioner & Treat Your Hair
Choose a shampoo for your specific needs, such as Total Results Hello Blondie for lightened blonde hair, or Total Results Mega Sleek to smooth hair and add shine. After shampooing, apply Total Results Miracle Creator Hair Mask to wet hair. Miracle Creator offers 20 benefits. Among them: it nourishes hair, boosts hair shine, smooths hair, prevents hair breakage, helps control frizzy hair, fills in porosity, detangles and boosts silkiness. Finish with the Miracle Creator leave-in treatment, which also offers 20 benefits, and leaves hair manageable and ready for styling!

“If you don’t take the time for your own well-being, who will?” asks Megan. “Remember, you’re worth it, and you deserve it!”

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