Buildshop Inc.’s free building and remodeling software for homeowners

Buildshop Inc., creators of software that helps homeowners and constructions pros alike connect, create, and manage home building and remodeling projects, today announced the launch of its free building and remodeling software for homeowners.

Homeowners are spending record amounts of time and money on home improvement projects in recent years. Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) projects annual growth in home improvement and repair will continue to increase in 2017. Whether buoyed by a healthy economy or inspired by the latest home improvement series on HGTV, more homeowners than ever are building or remodeling.

“Buildshop is a game changer for homeowners looking to build or remodel,” said Co-Founder Shawn Pace. “As a builder, I’ve personally seen the negative effects poor planning, lack of communication, and poor organization can have on a project. Buildshop offers free premium tools and building tips that will help homeowners enjoy a more successful remodeling experience every time.”

Buildshop provides homeowners with web and mobile apps that help them successfully navigate the often-complicated process of remodeling or building a home. In addition to tools that allow homeowners to plan, budget, and organize their project, Buildshop helps connect homeowners with highly qualified contractors making the process of searching for and comparing contractor bids simple and straightforward. Once homeowners find a contractor they like, Buildshop is there for when the real work begins. With premium tools designed for both homeowners and professionals, Buildshop has all of the tools that make every step of the remodeling and building process easier, more efficient, and transparent for all parties.

Premium Features, More Value

Buildshop for Homeowners is free and easy to use, features include:

  • A predefined checklist to guide homeowners through the process, step- by- step. So homeowners can get a better idea of the scope – right out the gate, minimizing surprises in the future and increasing success.
  • Homeowners can also upload photos to neatly organize all of their ideas in one place and ensure quick access at any time.
  • Homeowners can share ideas, sketches, and plans
  • Attractive and accessible dashboard with comprehensive project overview and quick summaries
  • To-do list and planner to help manage every task
  • Budgeting tools and expense trackers to forecast, log, and control spending
  • A comprehensive list of professionals that includes Designers, Remodelers, Builders and Contractors of all types, to help homeowners find the right fit in their area.
  • Building tips from contractors to help homeowners navigate the complexities of working with contractors

Buildshop also offers professional software for Designers, Builders, Commercial Contractors, Trade professionals and Field Service Management Companies, with even more tools to organize, bid, and manage projects. Buildshop offers software packages starting at $1.66/day. For a full list of features and comparison of different Buildshop Software packages, visit