Choosing the Right Home Warranty Plan and Provider

American Home Shield, which founded the industry more than 45 years ago, is sharing fast facts to help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing a trusted home services provider – and making sure your coverage is right for you.

Home warranties, also known as home service plans, protect homeowners against unexpected repair costs when a major home system or appliance breaks down, and ensures that covered items are repaired by professional service technicians.


Fast facts you should know:

  1. Homeowner’s insurance is different from a home warranty plan. While insurance covers you when Mother Nature strikes, it doesn’t protect you from the natural wear and tear that your home’s major systems and appliances go through during the aging process. That’s where a home service plan steps in. It covers items that are likely to break down over time.
  2. Not all plans or providers are created equal. Choose a provider with a variety of plans and options so you include the home system components and appliances that matter most to you. Some lower-priced plans may have higher service fees or limited coverage, and even the best plans include some non-covered expenses.
  3. Home services plans can help protect your budget. If a system or appliance in your home unexpectedly goes on the fritz, your wallet doesn’t need to suffer. Instead of paying the full retail cost to repair or replace a covered item, a home service plan helps homeowners manage the costs of unexpected breakdowns.
  4. Save time and avoid stress knowing help is on the way. Choose a provider with a broad network of professional contractors. Tired of spending hours combing through social media sites or calling random repairmen and hoping for the best? American Home Shield has a nationwide network of more than 15,000 independent home service contractors that employ over 45,000 service technicians. This saves homeowners from the stress of managing a home repair, as a qualified local contractor from American Home Shield’s network is assigned to you once a service request is placed.
  5. They make sense whether buying, selling or already in your home. Many people associate home service plans as a check-the-box item in a real estate transaction. However, it’s an important decision. Do your homework and use the above tips, then tell your real estate agent what provider you want to protect your home – whether during the selling process or once you close on the purchase of your new home. Already in a home? No worries. You can purchase a home service plan at any time.

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