Home Warranty Award Winners For 2018 – HomeWarrantyReviews.com

he nation’s #1 home warranty research website has made the much-awaited announcement naming the 2018 Home Warranty Award winners. The winners were chosen after meticulously analyzing the user reviews and customer satisfaction metrics collected throughout 2017.

HomeWarrantyReviews.com presents its Annual Home Warranty Awards 2018 with:

  1. American Home Shield, repeatedly winning the Top Rated Company Award for the fourth consecutive year
  2. Select Home Warranty bagging the Best in Service Award once again this year
  3. The Best Regional Company Award going to America’s Preferred Home Warranty for the second year straight; and
  4. Lastly, the Editor’s Choice Award being presented to The Home Service Club

The editorial team at HomeWarrantyReviews.com states that this is the second instance where three of the home warranty companies that received awards in the previous year won them yet again in the current year. “We aspired to create a positive competitive atmosphere where home warranty companies would better their services and make the lives of homeowners easier. This year a stiff competition was witnessed between the companies that were battling to win the awards. This shows the encouragement and inspiration that the awards bestow on the companies that are awarded,” said Krupesh Bhat, editor-in-chief of HomeWarrantyReviews.com.

Selected after careful assessment, the company that surpasses all others in terms of coverage, customer satisfaction, superiority in all repair services and product quality wins the Top Rated Award. The Best in Service Award is awarded to the company that has outperformed all the others in terms of customer service and assistance. The Best Regional Company Award is presented to the company that has outshined the customer satisfaction ratings of all other home warranty companies in a particular region. The final one which is the Editor’s Choice Award is conferred on the company that has the highest evaluation of digital presence on the website, service and approval, complaint resolution, and customer reviews.

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