Bunny Madness Anarchy for PC available September 1, 2017

MeepHead LLC announces the Full Release of their fast-paced, third-person shooter video game, – “Bunny Madness Anarchy”: for PC, available for streaming Friday, September 1, 2017. Set in a war-torn civilization of bipedal animals, Bunny Madness allows players to choose their character and work as a team to kill their enemies and survive the fight.

MeepHead LLC Announces ‘Bunny Madness Anarchy’ Full Release (PRNewsfoto/MeepHead LLC)

After releasing their prototype back in November 2016, MeepHead quickly went to work creating the Alpha version of the game that was released in January of this year. The Alpha version expanded the concept into a new game mode, character redesign, new stage and enemies. The full version develops the game even further, including brand new maps based on key locations from the game’s backstory, features, enhanced character design and more.

Over stunning environments, unique level design and original soundtrack, players and their friends will immerse themselves in a world where wars are pulling from side to side, and the madness has taken over. Players have the opportunity to face against each other in the intense Natural Selection mode, join forces to defeat waves of feral enemies, enraged by indoctrination in the Infected Madness mode, dominate the competition by capturing points in Hostile Takeover, or bring back enemy supplies to their base in Supply Run.

MeepHead LLC Announces ‘Bunny Madness Anarchy’ Full Release (PRNewsfoto/MeepHead LLC)

“Bunny Madness Anarchy” Full Release features:

  • Two (2) new maps based on key locations from the game’s backstory.
    • Sequoia Forest Dam: deep in this beautiful forest your mission against the TSB is not over.
    • Downtown: take the fight to the overrun streets of Burrow City.
  • In game announcer: There’s no slacking on the job for a Renegade. Stay focused on your mission with the help of the announcer. You’ll always be on top of your game with his play by play.
  • Revamped Infected Madness mode: The feral enemies created by the TSB are more dangerous than ever. Fight your way against waves of Feral Soldiers who will be patrolling every area until they find you and eliminate you, and Feral Canisters who only have one mission in life to search and destroy.
  • Grand Prix character and weapon skin: Unlock this special skin for all characters and their weapons by reaching level 30 with all characters.

“Bunny Madness Anarchy” Full Release will be available for PC on September 1, 2017.