Dating App Lively Launches Quickies

Lively, the dating app that uses videos instead of static profiles, today announced the launch of quickies—And no, they’re not that kind of quickie. Lively’s quickies are a way for people to connect using fun, topical frames that add context to their photos and videos. With quickies, daters can say goodbye to the typical system of swiping and matching, and get to know each other through fresh, original content that helps eliminate awkward small talk and get straight to what really draws them together.

“At its launch, Lively’s use of video was what really made it stand out,” said Behzad Behrouzi, SVP of Product at Zoosk, who has been focused on developing Lively as part of the organization’s Labs program. “But this new version of the app is a completely different experience for a dating app. The focus is less about matching and mutual attraction and more about getting to know people, showing who you are, and having more meaningful connections.”

So how exactly do quickies work?

•Content with context

Instead of adding random photos or videos to your profile, you’ll get to know other daters through a #Humblebrag, his or her #DonaldTrumpImpression, old #TBT photos, stories about #ThisOneTime and #IGotCaught, or a freestyle quickie of your choice. The custom frames and filters help guide you as you add content to your profile and also provide instant conversation starters.

•A new way to interact

With quickies, daters don’t have to both say yes to each other before they can start a more meaningful interaction. Instead, if you’re interested in someone you send them a quickie in response to a picture or video on his or her profile to start a conversation. If you get a quickie from someone you’re not interested in, you simply don’t respond.

•Continuously updated profiles

Every time you create a quickie, it gets sent to the person you created it for and added to your profile so that other people checking you out can see it. That way profiles on the site are always getting updated.

“With quickies people don’t take themselves so seriously ultimately making it easier to show your true self,” explained Behrouzi. “At Lively, we try not to take ourselves too seriously either and it’s allowed us to be truly innovative. We want to bring more fun back into dating. Quickies is the first of many ways we’re doing that.”

Since its initial launch in the San Francisco Bay Area in July of 2016, Lively has gone nationwide. It’s now available in the App Store.

About Lively
Lively is a dating app that uses short videos, fun frames and filters, and a mix of silly and serious topics to help people interact with each other and meet up. Since its launch in July of 2016, Lively has gone beyond static images and text, to help daters get to know each other through creative videos that help them share more about themselves. Lively is the first offering from Zoosk Labs, an in-house incubator that signals the company’s commitment to innovation and expansion into new areas and demographics.