Tower Defense Game Intruders Offers Hours of Strategic Robot Fighting Fun

Must Play Games brings you “Intruders” – an action-packed 3D mobile game that requires the best game strategies. It’s an action-strategy game with many exciting features. So race against time to protect your base and keep enemies at bay. Rogue forces are on the offensive, quick thinking and strategic planning can save the day!

It’s up to you to conquer the squads of invading enemy robots – using your dual-barrel shooter, Jetpack and Missile Launch… Your only companion, a drone that is at your command to take down enemies where turrets can’t reach… and the upgrades you can unlock…

Arsenal includes:
1.Mighty turrets fully loaded with ammunition, lasers or plasma shots and missile would destroy enemies in auto mode.
2.Each turret has multiple levels of upgrade to boost their killing performance.
3.Auxiliary Reinforcements consisting of electric barrier and airstrike are good to boom the enemies.

Game play:

4 different game play modes unfolded as you progress through multiple challenging levels.
1.Rush – Protect your base from enemy waves.
2.Time-Attack – Race against time to protect your base
3.Selected turrets – Not all types of turrets are available.
4.Max-Turrets – Plan your game with limited turrets.

Rush to resist invasion, time your defense and plan attacks with the available armory to combat through extremely challenging levels.

Game play locations:

80 challenging levels spread across 4 unique locations.
1.Ferric lands
2.Abysmal Rocks
3.Blizzard Strife
4.Decayed Rocks.

The game is also equipped with:
1.Hand-crafted beautifully designed levels with HD quality 3D graphics.
2.16 unique towers.
3.80 different missions.
4.4 amazing war locations.
5.50+ distinct enemies to face on.
6.20+ hours of addictive game play.
7.2 special reinforcements.
8.Reflexive tapping.
9.Multiple achievements with high value rewards.
10.Leaderboard to compete with game friends.

Intruders is for both iOS and Android.

Tower defense (or informally TD) is a subgenre of strategy video game where the goal is to defend a player’s territories or possessions by obstructing the enemy attackers, usually achieved by placing defensive structures on or along their path of attack.[1] This typically means building a variety of different structures that serve to automatically block, impede, attack or destroy enemies

What inspired Mustplay For “Intruders” – A Robot Tower Defense Game

Must Play Games is a leading mobile games studio with an aim to develop fun, original and unique games. While the mobile gaming market is inundated with multitude of games, Must Play is proud to create games that fun and unique.

We are not afraid to push the envelope and believe in providing our mobile gaming audience with quality rich content when it comes to gaming.

We always focused on creating games on different genres. Strategy genre is one of those which sub includes tower defense. We checked the available games and figured out that all the games are unique on their own way of approach towards the tower defense genre, some game based on CCG type tower defense, some are grid based and some are totally a reverse engineered and traditional approach of tower defense games.

So a tower defense with traditional approach seemed to be more likable and was a way very easy to understand the game-play compare to any other approach. This is where a thought got struck to design a tower defense game in a traditional approach with a way more simplistic game flow that any player ranging from a casual user to a hardcore gamer can understand and enjoy the play without losing any elements of strategy and planning.

Also from the observations majority of the traditional tower defense games are mythical / fictional 2D art driven. And hence we thought of coming up with an idea which would be a robotic theme that can be more meaningful to relate with the current generation of sci-fi technology age with a 3D art , making the game flow and upgrading the turrets in a very progressive manner.