Resolution Games’ Carnival-Themed VR Game, Wonderglade, Adds Restaurant-Smashing ‘Bistro Basher’ Mini-Game and Additional New Content on Daydream

Following their latest major update, adding pass-and-play and the recent introduction of ‘Hamster Hoops’, Resolution Games has today announced the release of a new round of content for players of their virtual reality (VR) carnival-themed collection of mini games, Wonderglade. Leading today’s update is ‘Bistro Basher’, a new mini-game focused on visiting a fancy French restaurant, and then smashing everything that’s brought to the table to smithereens.

“Few things in this world are exquisite as fine dining and French cuisine — but we think smashing all of that fancy fare can prove even more exciting than eating it,” said Tommy Palm, CEO and co-founder of Resolution Games. “With Wonderglade’s latest update, you can enjoy a dinnertime tantrum without anyone expecting you to pay the bill afterwards.”

Bistro Basher joins Wonderglade’s existing line-up of mini-games (now totaling six) that immerse you in modern twists on classic carnival fun, including Tinder Town, Magic Mayhem, Tip N Tilt Racing, Hamster Hoops and Tiny Tee Golf. The company also announced that today’s Wonderglade update adds three new tracks to Tip N Tilt Racing and nine new holes for Tiny Tee Golf, available as content packs from within the game. Lastly, Wonderglade has been localized for Korea, Japan and China.

“If there’s one thing our players have been asking for, it’s more content,” added Palm. “With today’s update, we’ve doubled the amount of fun you can have in two of our mini-games, and we’ve created a whole new experience for players with Bistro Basher.”

Wonderglade is now available as a free download on Google Play. Today’s new content packs can be accessed individually through in-app purchases of $2.99, or purchased collectively as a bundle for $3.99.