Twilight Pioneers: The Evil Gate – New Downloadable Content Pack for NetEase’s Daydream VR game Available Now

The Evil Gate – the first downloadable content (DLC) pack for Twilight Pioneers, NetEase’s first mobile VR game, officially launched today on Google’s Daydream. Twilight Pioneers is an Eastern fantasy style ARPG. The Evil Gate DLC includes expanded content and gameplay in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. The English version also offers subtitles in five languages: Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, and French. Since the launch of Twilight Pioneers in November of 2016, the game has consistently ranked among the top ten VR games on Google’s Daydream download ranking.

New Story, New Adventure, New Challenges

Twilight Pioneers: The Evil Gate builds upon the story in its previous chapter. In this new chapter, players will join Longshar in their ultimate quest to find the evil Darklord, who aims to spread darkness in every corner of the world.

Explore the Dungeon in Tianxia

Inside this mysterious oriental fantasy world, Longshar opens the Gate of Time and players dive into an action-packed Tianxia World dungeon. There, they will find the Evil Gate and face its powerful protector, the Ox Tyrant. If victorious in battle, they will arrive at the Evil Gate and speak with the dungeon’s guards to find Yunching from Yunlu Fairyland. Together, they will unlock the Evil Gate, pass Youdu (Ghost City) and continue their chase after the Darklord.

Immersive First-Person VR Experience

To deliver an epic first person VR game experience, Twilight Pioneers: The Evil Gate delivers an in-depth plot with new unique characters, eastern fantasy scenes, immersive gameplay, detailed graphics, robust movement controls and dungeon exploration.

NetEase Games is also proud to announce a brand new website for Twilight Pioneers with artwork that is reminisce of the scenes in the Tianxia World dungeon.