Discover Maui’s Craft Beer, Wine & Spirits Community

See the beauty. Learn the Stories. Taste Paradise. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with Maui Craft Tours, the ultimate way to explore the island’s craft food and beverage culture.

Maui Craft Tours, the creative vision of husband-and-wife team Carrie and David Adelmann, announces the launch of their new culinary-centric tours. Driven by a passion for Maui’s beauty and rich culture, they set out to share the island’s unique stories and distinctive flavors; showcasing the local artisans behind Maui’s craft beverage movement.

“We hope that guests can truly embrace the artistry and passion behind some of the island’s incredible craft products,” explains Carrie. “From our daily life, to our weekend getaways, to our special occasions – our local craft purveyors are integral in the life we live and that’s the Maui we want to share,” added David.

From brewery and distillery tours, to wine tastings and locally sourced meals, Maui Craft Tours provides an unforgettable exploration of the island’s best flavors. Carefully curated day trips (lasting between 6–9 hours) pair guests with expert guides on a memorable journey through Maui’s craft culture. Excursions include behind-the-scenes brewery tours, exclusive wine tastings, spirits samplings, farm-to-table lunches, and locally crafted snacks… all with breathtaking views along the way! Plus, guests will meet the local artisans who have pioneered Maui’s craft culture and who continue to add to its rich community today including MauiWine, Maui Brewing Co., Hawaii Sea Spirits (Ocean Vodka), Hali’imaile Distilling (Pau Vodka), The Mill House, Mill House Roasting Co., Surfing Goat Dairy and Maui Gold Pineapple.

Joseph Hegele, Director of Sales & Marketing for MauiWine discusses the new partnership:

“It’s never been our goal to simply get more people to our winery, it’s been about getting the right people to the winery. Maui Craft Tours is catering to those people out there who have a passion for small craft beverage and a real interest in experiencing what is actually local, and they’re bringing them right to us!

Our hope is that every Maui Craft Tours guest takes away an appreciation…and maybe a certain level of amazement. I’m in it everyday, and I’m very often amazed at the quality and creativity in the products that are being made here by the brave (or crazy) few.”

Beyond providing an unparalleled travel experience, Maui Craft Tours hopes to elevate the craft community’s recognition and local economy. By showcasing skilled artisans and their unique stories, Maui Craft Tours intends to highlight Maui’s culture with authenticity – cultivating an appreciation for craftsmanship and the island that inspires it.

Garrett Marrero, Owner and CEO of Maui Brewing Co. expanded on the benefit to his industry:

“As a local producer of craft beer and soon spirits, along with our brewpub component, I am a supporter of anything that continues to drive awareness around authentic Hawaiian products. ‘Ag-tourism’ and ‘Liquid-Ag’ are rapidly developing on the Mainland and around the world – we are thrilled that Maui Craft Tours is helping to curate this industry here on Maui. David and Carrie aim to bring a professional and creative approach to showcasing the best the island has to offer which is why Maui Craft Tours is an excellent way to experience Maui’s great craft beverages in comfort, style and safety.”

Ultimately, Maui Craft Tours will share the inspiring stories and incredible flavors that sparked David and Carrie’s love of the craft community. Guests will enjoy an all-inclusive tour of everything Maui’s craft community has to offer: behind-the-scenes expertise, rich cultural tradition, and a taste of paradise.

Meet the masterful tastemakers of Maui and experience the island’s natural beauty, distinctive flavors, and growing craft community. Make a reservation today at to book your once-in-a-lifetime craft adventure.